Rest areas

​Planning ahead is crucial to managing fatigue on long trips. We want you to enjoy your journey, but more importantly we want you to stay safe.

Image: Driving in WA - Rest Areas.JPGRegular stops ensure that you stay refreshed and alert. We encourage you to stop at any of the rest areas provided by us and other government agencies on major routes across the state.

You can find location and amenity information of roadside rest areas on our Travel Map. When visiting the map, turn on the rest area filter and zoom into the area you will be travelling to view where you can stop safely along your travels.

This information is also available in a guide to download. If you would prefer a printed copy, please complete the online form or visit one of our regional offices.

A Guide to Main Roads Rest Areas and Roadside Amenities

Download Rest Areas and Roadside Amenities coordinates for GPS devices

Keep Western Australia beautiful

Every year, litter and illegal dumping costs millions of dollars in clean-up charges and can cause damage and disruption to the environment and our communities. Roadside litter can enter storm water systems and cause damage to our beaches and urban wetlands.

Litter and illegal dumping is an offence and penalties may apply.

If a bin is full on your travels, take your rubbish with you until you find one. We all have a role to play in keeping WA litter-free.

Visit the Keep Australia Beautiful website to see what you can do to help.


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Modified: 28 Jan 2020