Driving in Perth

Whether you’re driving into the CBD to catch a show or heading out to the Swan Valley to sample some wine, it is important to know the road rules. We want you to enjoy the journey and arrive safely.  

What to do in a breakdown or crash

If you have ever broken down on a major road or freeway, it can be scary - especially with fast moving traffic around you.

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If you can, try to exit the freeway or major road in your vehicle. Alternatively, move your vehicle to an emergency lane or to the side of the road.

 Sit tight, remain in your car, and stay calm.

 Leave your seat belt on and turn your hazard lights on.

 If required, call emergency services on 000.

 Call us on 138 138 for further advice.

How we help you

Experienced operators monitor Perth freeways 24/7. A tow truck or Incident Response Service vehicle may be deployed to move broken down vehicles to a safer location. From there, you can arrange roadside assistance or further towing services to take your vehicle to your preferred location.

How you can help us

Service your vehicle regularly and ensure you have enough fuel prior to travelling.

We don’t have eyes everywhere, so we also rely on the community to report incidents. Call us if you see any debris, damaged signs, or issues on the road.

138 138

Northbridge Tunnel

The 1.6 kilometre tunnel is a vital link on the Graham Farmer Freeway, which offers drivers a time-saving option to bypass the Perth CBD.

Northbridge Tunnel.jpg

When making your way through the tunnel:

 Turn your headlights on

 Keep a safe distance between the vehicle in front of you

 Avoid unnecessary lane changing

 Observe all signage and stay alert

 Ensure your vehicle meets the 4.9 metre height clearance

How we help you

With no emergency lanes in the tunnel, stay inside your vehicle and wait for instructions via your radio, the PA system or electronic signs.

Tunnel operators monitor the tunnel 24 hours a day and will call for emergency services if required. They will also send for the Incident Response Service to move your vehicle to a safe location.

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Acknowledgement of country

The Government of Western Australia acknowledges the traditional custodians throughout Western Australia and their continuing connection to the land, waters and community. We pay our respects to all members of the Aboriginal communities and their cultures; and to Elders both past and present.

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