Chain of Responsibility


Chain of Responsibility (CoR) legislation was introduced into WA law on 27 April 2015, to recognise the responsibilities that others have in the transportation of goods by road, beyond that of just the driver and operator, including  company directors - employers - unincorporated associations and partners in a managed partnership.

The general objectives are to:

  • Improve road safety
  • Reduce infrastructure damage
  • Improve deterrence and enforcement;
  • Promote a level playing field for industry; and
  • Improve business efficiency and compliance.

Put simply,  the introduction of CoR it now means anyone who has control in the transport chain can be held legally accountable if by action, inaction or demand, they cause or contribute to road safety breaches.

 The Chain of Responsibility legislation is contained in the Road Traffic (Administration) Act 2008 and the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012 and is accessible on the State Law Publisher's website.

Aoverview of the introduction of CoR into WA and FAQs are available for download.

Fact sheets  

 This series of Fact Sheets provides relevant information on the roles and responsibilities of specific parties within the road transport chain:

Fremantle Ports have also created a Guide to Container Weight Declarations to assist operators.

Chain of Responsibility Prosecutions for 2019

The table below lists prosecutions heard in Western Australia, where a party in the road transport supply chain has been convicted of an offence under Chain of Responsibility legislation.

​Court Date​Party Convicted​Offence ​Fine Issued
​December 2019​Responsible Person ​Overload (tri) ​$6000
​December 2019​Driver Permit Breach (no pilot) ​$600​
​December 2019​Driver ​Permit Breach (oversize sign) ​$600
December 2019​​Driver​Overload (quad) ​$2,000
December 2019​Driver ​​Overload (gross)​$1,400
September 2019​​Responsible Person​Overload (quad)​​$10,000
September 2019​​​Responsible Person​Overload (tandem)​$4,500​
September 2019​​​Responsible Person​​Overload (single steer)​$2,500
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Permit Breach (no pilot)​​$3,000
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Dimension Breach (width)​​​$5,000
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Dimension Breach (height)​​$1,500
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Overload (gross)​​(Sect 11 Sentencing Act)
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Overload (quad)​​​$10,000
​September 2019​​Responsible Person​Overload (quad)​​$3,000​
September 2019​Driver​Overload (quad)​$1,600​
​September 2019Responsible Person ​Mass Overload (tandem)​$10,000​
​August 2019​Responsible Person Mass ​Overload (tandem) ​$10,000
​August 2019​Responsible Person Dimension Breach (width) ​​$5,000
​August 2019​Responsible Person ​​Mass Overload (tri)​$20,000
​August 2019​Responsible Person ​​Dimension Breach (height) ​$5,000
​August 2019​Employer of Driver ​Mass Overload (gross) $7,000​
​August 2019​Driver ​Notice Breach (off route) ​$1,000
​August 2019​Driver ​​Notice Breach (off route) ​$1,000
​July 2019Employer of Driver ​​Load Restraint ​$1,000
July 2019 ​Employer of Driver ​​​Mass Overload (tri)$1,500​
​July 2019 ​Employer of Driver ​Mass Overload (tri)​​$1,000
​July 2019 ​Employer of Driver ​Mass Overload (tri)​​​$3,000
​July 2019 ​Loader ​Dimension Breach (height) ​$1,000
​July 2019 ​Driver ​Load Restraint​$1,000
​June 2019 ​Driver ​Permit Breach (off route) ​$2,000
​June 2019Driver ​​Mass Overload (gross) ​$5,000
​May 2019​Responsible PersonNotice Breach (off route)​$1,200
​May 2019​Driver ​Notice Breach (off route)​$1,000
​May 2019Responsible Person ​Mass Overload (gross) ​​$8,000
​April 2019​Responsible Person Permit Breach (off route) ​​$5,000
April 2019​Responsible Person​​Notice Breach (off route) ​$5,000
April 2019​​Responsible Person​Notice Breach (off route) $5,000​
​April 2019​Driver ​Dimension Breach (height)​$1,000
​April 2019Driver ​Dimension Breach (height)​​$1,000
​March 2019​Driver ​Mass Overload  (tandem)$2,000​
​March 2019​Driver Mass Overload (tri)​​$1,200
February 2019​Responsible PersonMass Overload (tri)$5,000
February 2019Responsible Person​Mass Overload (quad)​$10,000
January 2019DriverMass Overload (tandem steer)​$500
​January 2019​DriverMass Overload (tandem)​$2,000
January 2019​DriverMass Overload (gross)​$1,600
​January 2019Responsible PersonPermit Breach (Bridge Video Supervision)​$3,000
January 2019​​​Responsible PersonPermit Breach (Bridge Video Supervision)​​$3,000

A list of prosecutions heard in Western Australia in 2017, where a party in the road transport supply chain has been convicted of an offence under Chain of Responsibility legislation is also available.


Modified: 22 Jan 2020