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Travel Map

Our new dynamic Travel Map provides a comprehensive overview of the roadworks, incidents and events happening across the WA road network.

See below the map for all Road & Traffic Information

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Traffic cameras

Traffic cameras around Perth

If some cameras are red (not available), it is because they are being used for our operational needs.



Perth traffic  or  WA roads

For regular updates on incidents or events affecting the road network, follow us on Twitter.


Roadworks and road closures

Information for all planned roadworks, closures and events is provided on a weekly basis. Some works may be undertaken on an adhoc basis should emergencies or incidents occur, in which case the information may not be provided below.

For regular traffic updates, please visit our Alerts page.


Other resources

  • The Main Roads Metropolitan Road Fact Sheet is currently under review. Visit the Facts page to view a current listing of roads we are specifically responsible for.
  • Bureau of Meteorology weather warnings for Western Australia and current cyclone warnings.
  • DFES News from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services.
  • Fire (prescribed burns) Information from the Department of Parks and Wildlife.
  • Call the WILDCARE Helpline on 9474 9055 for sick, injured or orphaned native wildlife. For detailed information about the WILDCARE Helpline service, visit the Department of Parks and Wildlife.


For any Main Roads general enquiries call 138 138
To help keep our roads safe, report traffic signal faults, damaged road signs, trees falling on the road or potholes on the Main Roads free call number 1800 800 009 (additional cost for mobiles).
Weather and other factors may influence dates and times of the events listed. Approach works with caution and obey all traffic signalling devices.


Modified: 17 Feb 2016