What is RSS?

RSS is a process of distributing (or syndicating) news and other information from websites.

RSS feeds provide free updates to your computer at designated intervals when content is updated on a website.


Which feeds are provided by MRWA?

The MRWA website currently provides RSS feeds for the following areas:


How do I subscribe to an RSS feed?

To receive RSS feeds you will need an RSS feed reader (sometimes called a news aggregator).


Web Browser

Some web browsers have a built-in capacity to subscribe to RSS feeds as a favourite or bookmark. More information is available from your web browser. (For example, see the Internet Explorer RSS page.)


Web-based Readers

Web-based RSS feed readers enable access to RSS feeds regardless of which web browser is available or which device the user is on.



There are many  RSS feed readers that can be downloaded as desktop software. Many of these are available for free when used for non-commercial purposes.


Mobile Devices

There are many RSS feed readers provided specifically for mobile devices such as mobile phone, pads and tablets. Check the application store (for example App Store or Google Play) on your device for an "RSS feed reader".


Email Program

Email programs such as Outlook also have inbuilt RSS feed readers.  This enables an integrated approach to emails and RSS news or alerts. 

Main Roads does not endorse or provide technical support for any third party application.


Modified: 21 Jun 2017