HVS Update 14-2024

Updated Heavy Lift Tow Truck Period Permit Operating Conditions.

Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) would like to advise that, following feedback from Heavy Lift Tow Truck (HLTT) industry representatives and HLTT loading control demonstrations, the Heavy Lift Tow Truck Period Permit Operating Conditions have been updated.

The previous condition requiring all HLTTs to be fitted with an On-Board Mass Management (OBM) system, has now been relaxed. The loading control requirement is now based on the towed mass ratio, which has a direct influence on the risk of the towing operation and the need to manage the mass on the HLTT.

The loading control requirements are now as follows:

1. The permit holder for a HLTT towing a vehicle with a GVM equal to or less than the GVM of the HLTT, must:

(a) Be accredited under the Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Mass Management Module; and
(b) Operate the HLTT in accordance with a loading plan approved by HVS; and
(c) Maintain mass records of each tow, in accordance with the Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme Mass Management Module requirements and produce the records upon request to HVS.

2. The HLTT must be installed with an approved On-Board Mass Management (OBM) system, linked to the in-vehicle telematics unit, and monitored via a Transport Certification Australia (TCA) approved service provider, where:
(a) The HLTT is towing a vehicle with a GVM exceeding the GVM of the HLTT; or
(b) The HLTT is towing a vehicle combination where the combined GVM of all the towed vehicle units exceeds the GVM of the HLTT.

To provide adequate time for HLTT operators to comply with the revised requirements, the current 12-month moratorium, due to end on 30 June 2024, will be extended by one month until 31 July 2024. Further requests for extensions will be assessed on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to the HLTT operator demonstrating they are making reasonable efforts to progress towards meeting the requirements.

The following changes have also been made to the Operating Conditions:

  • The Heavy Lift Tow Truck Period Permit now also applies to a HLTT towing an unladen motor vehicle to and from a place of repair or an auction yard.
  • The Heavy Lift Tow Truck Period Permit also applies when towing a heavy vehicle or vehicle combination under the direction of an Authorised Person. An Authorised Person includes a member of the WA Police, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Sheriff’s Office, or Local Government Ranger.
  • The HLTT may tow an unladen heavy vehicle without control of the towed vehicle’s braking system, provided the combined mass of the HLTT and the unladen heavy vehicle does not exceed the GVM of the HLTT.
  • Trailers may be towed in a manner other than that specified in the Operating Conditions, provided a Safe Work Method Statement is developed and approved by HVS.
  • The HLTT may tow a vehicle carrying an oversize load up to 3.5 metres width.
  • If available, the HLTT may be accompanied by a Main Roads Incident Response vehicle, instead of a pilot vehicle, to manage traffic when towing a bus exceeding 12.5 metres in length or a vehicle combination within a Central Zone.
  • The HLTT is not required to be accompanied by a pilot vehicle in the Central Zones between 11pm and 5am, Sunday to Thursday.
  • The HLTT may tow a vehicle that is over-width, as a result of damage, at night up to 3 metres in width, subject to additional lighting requirements.
  • Speed restrictions have been expanded so not all vehicle combinations have the same 60 km/h restriction. Some vehicle combinations may be towed at higher speeds.

HVS will maintain a list of HLTT operators who have approved loading plans or compliant OBM systems on the Heavy Lift Tow Truck page on our website. Key stakeholders, such as WA Police, Main Roads’ Road Network Operations Centre, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, Sheriff’s Office and the transport industry, are advised of this list and reminded of their obligations under the Chain of Responsibility.

For further information please visit the Heavy Lift Tow Trucks page on our website or contact HVS on 138 486 or email hvsnetworkaccess@mainroads.wa.gov.au.

Heavy Vehicle Services
9 May 2024

Please note: This HVS Update will be published until 31 July 2024.

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