RAV Mapping Tool

​Our RAV Mapping Tool provides an up to date map of the approved roads published in the Network Road Tables and any  updates to the Network Road Tables and the RAV Mapping Tool are published every Wednesday.

Plan your journey using our RAV Mapping Tool which includes a number of features, such as:​Image: RAV Mapping tool icon.PNG

  • a Google interface
  •  ability to access network information and their associated conditions
  • ability to overlay individual networks, which will enable efficient journey planning
  •  GPS SLK Tool which identifies exact SLK points along approved roads
  • the 'measure tool' which allows the user to measure distances along roads
  • the locations of Road Train Assembly areas, Truck Bays, Parking Bays and Roadhouses
  • Identifies Main Roads Regional boundaries, Local Government area boundaries

 Networks available include:

  • Tandem Drive Networks 1-10
  • Tandem Drive Concessional (Level 1-3) Networks 1-10
  • Tri Drive Networks 1-5
  • Tri Drive Concessional (Level 1-3) Networks 1-5
  • Oversize Road Train Networks

RAV Mapping Tool - 'How To' Guide

Note 1:  The RAV Mapping Tool should be used as a guide only and approved roads should be checked using the relevant Network Road Tables.
Note 2: Heavy Vehicle Services – Main Roads Western Australia (HVS), as part of any HVS route assessment for a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV), does not assess any access driveway adjoining a RAV network road.  It remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure safe ingress and egress to the property.


Modified: 23 May 2018