Roadworks and Road Conditions

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  • All information about planned road works for a specific timeframe is provided below in the Planned Works and Events section.
  • Motorists should be aware of fauna and wandering stock on and near all roads in the Kimberley Region. Drive with caution particularly in the hours between dusk and dawn.
  • Note that during the wet season conditions change rapidly, caution must be exercised at all times.
  • Flood ways and creek crossings may rise without notice.
  • Motorists are to drive through mentioned areas below with caution and obey traffic management in place.
  • All road works are carried out during daylight hours unless mentioned otherwise.


Planned Works and Events

   Updates will be provided as conditions change.

​LocationEstimated Timeframe​Effect​

Loch Street (Derby Highway) and

Ashley Street - Derby

​Loch Street - implemented 28th January


Ashley Street -

Installation will occur in February

Main Roads Western Australia advises road users that Regulatory speed zone control changes have recently been implemented on Loch Street Derby from 60 km/h to 50 km/h.

Loch Street (Derby Highway)

The current 60km/h posted regulatory speed zone control between Le Lievre and Knowsley Street East on Derby Highway will remain.

The start of the new 50 km/h regulatory speed zone control commences near Knowsley Street East (in vicinity of Lytton Park) and extends to the Elder/Loch Street intersection.

New regulatory 50km/h speed zone repeater signage will also been installed where considered appropriate.

Ashley Street

Ashley Street posted 60km/h speed zone will also been reduced to 50km/h between Panton Street and Alfonsas Street in February in keeping with the lower speed zone control along Loch street.

The change will provide a safer road environment for all road users.

Regulatory Speed zone control changes have been implemented and temporary warning signs advising of “speed zone change ahead” will be in place to provide advance warning to the public.

​Victoria Highway

Kununurra Diversion Dam

​September 2016 - September 2017

Height Restrictions

On behalf of the Water Corporation, Main Roads WA advises the transport industry that the Water Corporation has increased the height restriction on the Kununurra Diversion Dam

Vehicles in excess of 3.3 metres wide and 6 metres in height (previously 4.5 metres in height) crossing the bridge during daylight hours need to contact one of the contacts below, no later than 1 hour prior to arrival at the bridge.  This will allow time to receive clearance to cross during daylight hours so that traffic is not delayed.

Team Leader, Steve Dessent – 0407 029 342
Operations Manager, Thomas Pearch – 0409 202 056
Water Corporation Call Centre – 13 13 75

Various Locations

Great Northern Highway, Broome Highway/Gubinge Road, Derby Highway, Victoria Highway and the Gibb River Road.


Short term - Road Maintenance (see and fix works)

  • No traffic control required and no delays to be expected
​​Gibb River Road -  HIGH CLEARANCE 4WD recommended on all unsealed roads​

Derby - Lennard River​ -  For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts

Lennard River - Imintji - For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts

Imintji - Mt Barnett - For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts

Mt Barnett to Kalumburu turnoff  -  For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts

Mt Barnett Roahouse 'Wet Season' hours.

Mon-Fri:  9.00am - 11.00am and 2.00pm - 4.00pm

Sat:  9.00am 12.00pm

Sun:  Closed

Kalumburu Turnoff - Pentecost River - For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts

Pentecost River - Great Northern Highway - For Road Closures and Restrictions please Refer to Alerts


Local Road Information

Main Roads is responsible for the main road network within Western Australia. Local roads are managed by local government authorities; for information on roadwork's and events affecting local roads, please contact the relevant local government authority:

​Local Government Authority​Contact

 Shire of Broome

T: (08) 9191 3456

F: (08) 9191 3455

​Shire of Derby West Kimberley

​T: (08) 9191 0999

F: (08) 9191 0998


Shire of Halls Creek

​T: (08) 9168 6007

F: (08) 9168 6235


Shire of Wyndham East Kimberley

T: (08) 9168 4100

F: (08) 9168 1798


Northern Territory Department of Construction and Infrastructure - road reporting service  

​T: 1800 246 199
Modified: 29 Jan 2017