Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening

Cedric Street to Vincent Street

Widened the freeway from Cedric Street to Vincent Street to improve congestion through the area, particularly in morning peak.
Mitchell Freeway Southbound and nearby shared path

Mitchell Freeway carries some of the highest traffic demands in Perth, with up to 180,000 vehicles per day, and is a critical corridor connecting Perth’s northern suburbs to commercial, residential and recreational facilities in the wider metropolitan area.

The section of freeway from Cedric Street to Vincent Street is particularly congested in the morning peak, with bottlenecks at two separate locations where four lanes merge into three.

Works form part of our overall plan to transform Perth’s freeways to accommodate population and economic growth into the future.

As part of this project, we:

  • Built an additional 7 km lane on Mitchell Freeway southbound from Cedric Street to Vincent Street
  • Completed the missing shared path link from Glendalough Station to Hutton Street
  • Improved median barriers between the railway line and traffic lanes with existing barriers being replaced with concrete barriers
  • Provisioned noise and screen walls where required

Mitchell Freeway Southbound Widening map.png
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