Regional Road Groups


Please visit our Local Government page where you can find the:

  • Certificate of Completion Form
  • State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement; and
  • State Road Funds to Local Government Procedures


Progress Payment Certificate - Wheatbelt Road Groups


Wheatbelt Regional Road Group North (Northam)

Please refer to Technical Information below for RAV Maps


Wheatbelt Regional Road Group South (Narrogin)

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  • Roads 2035
  • Calendar of Events

Please refer to Technical Information below for RAV Maps


Procedural Matters Relating to Various State Funding Sources

Severe Weather Events (WANDRRA and Abnormal)


  • Direct Grants
  • Road Project Funding
  • Commodity Route Supplementary Funding
  • Black Spot Funding
  • State Initiative Funding
  • Regional Run-off Road Funding
  • LG Bridge Funding
  • Grain Freight Network Funding


Technical Information

Traffic Management Plan


Longitudinal Road Markings (LRM) - White lining

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  • Clear Zone
  • Plant Asset Inspection and Specification
  • Operational Responsibility for Public Roads


RAV Network


Issues of Interest


Modified: 11 Jan 2019