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Original "Bungle Bungles" by Jon Connell CC BY - SA 2.0: Modified by Main Roads WA

Your safety is our priority

Note that during the wet season (November to April) conditions change rapidly, caution must be exercised at all times. Floodways and creek crossings may rise and fall without notice.

Be aware of fauna and wandering stock. Drive with caution particularly in the hours between dusk and dawn.

Baiting Notice

1080 baiting is part of an integrated pest management program to protect livestock from death and injury within WA.

The poison baits remain toxic for many months, and are used by pastoralists throughout our state. Signage may not be in the immediate vicinity and can be weather damaged, removed or destroyed.

Please ensure you take caution when stopping along the roadside, rest areas and parking bays and protect your domestic pets from poison baits by keeping them on a lead, close to you and under control at all times.

If poisoning occurs, please seek immediate veterinary assistance.


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Local Road Information

We are responsible for the main road network within WA. Local roads are managed by local government authorities; for information on roadworks and events affecting local roads, please contact the relevant local government authority.


Modified: 16 Aug 2018