How to use the Chester Pass Roundabout

The 5 legged Chester Pass Roundabout is one of the first of its kind in Western Australia, accommodating multiple entry and exit points to help road users continue their journeys efficiently and safely.

The diagrams below show the best ways to negotiate the roundabout . Click on the diagrams for a larger version. 


Image: Web Image - Chesterpass 1.RCN-D14^23143857.PNG

Image: Web image - Chesterpass 2.RCN-D14^23143860.PNG


Image: Web image - Chesterpass 3.RCN-D14^23143854.PNG Image: Web image - Chesterpass 4.RCN-D14^23143855.PNG

Keep in mind the following when traversing the roundabout:

  • As a guide, do not go past the second exit if you're in the left lane
  • Remember to always indicate left as you exit, this goes for whatever lane you are in and whatever exit you are taking
  • Large signs are located on the approach to the roundabout which give you an indication of which lane you should be in
  • Pavement marking (arrows) are placed at the roundabout to help drivers make the correct lane selection.

The information on this page can also be viewed on our How To Use the Chester Pass Roundabout info sheet.


Modified: 10 Aug 2017