Sharing the road

​Road users are not just limited to motorists. You will also encounter heavy vehicles, motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists and road workers on the road network.

Sharing our roads requires patience and courtesy to ensure all road users make it to their destinations safely.

Pedestrians and cyclists

Did you know that turning vehicles must give way to pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing? A green traffic signal doesn't automatically mean go, motorists must give way to any pedestrians.

It's important to remember people who are vision or hearing impaired have less information to rely on when making decisions about where and when to cross the road.

Cyclists are legally allowed to ride on the road and paths, but there are some conditions. When passing cyclists on the road, ensure you follow the road rules and leave a safe distance.

For information on path maintenance and closures, visit our 'Path and cycleway alerts' page.

Road workers and traffic controllers 

Road workers and traffic controllers are usually working in high-traffic environments, which can present many potential hazards. These hazards can be avoided by speed reductions, lane closures, safety barriers, as well as workers wearing safety equipment.

For everyone's safety, it's important to follow all signage and the directions of traffic controllers around roadworks.

Heavy Vehicles

Large trucks are a common sight throughout WA, with oversize and heavy loads often seen in remote regional areas.

It is always safer to stay behind a slower vehicle rather than taking unnecessary risks to overtake.

If you come across an oversize load with a Pilot or Traffic Escort vehicle please slow down, move to the left, be prepared to stop, and follow their directions.



Remember to check your blind spots!

The number of motorcycles and scooters on the road is always increasing.

Riders behave in different ways to other motorists on the road. They may frequently change their position to avoid hazards or improve their line of sight. Smaller than vehicles, they can be more difficult to spot and often react quicker, so please take caution to prevent any serious accidents from occurring.


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Modified: 30 Apr 2019