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Stay informed...

In WA you need to be aware of potential hazards. You may encounter fires, floods and extreme weather conditions, or animals like kangaroos, cattle and wedge-tailed eagles.

The road rules are in the Drive Safe Handbook which can be viewed or downloaded from the Department of Transport website.

Before driving any distance we recommend checking the Travel Map, and links to useful information on other agencies websites, including:

Road Safety Commission

The Visitors to WA page on the Road Safety Commission  website, provides comprehensive information on what you need to be aware of before you drive in the city of around the outback.

Tourism Western Australia 

Tourism Western Australia  provides a wealth of road travel information on their website including things to do and places to see.

Other Resources 
  • Roadwise provide Driver Reviver stops for your convenience over long weekends. Find out more about dates, times and locations via our Rest Areas page or visit the Roadwise website.
  • The Government of Western Australia's website has a Road Transport  section which is also worth exploring for related information like buying or selling a car, driver's licenses and traffic regulations.
  • The Department of Parks and Wildlife website provides an extensive online visitor's guide to Western Australia's parks, reserves and other recreation areas. This includes information on driving trails, four-wheel driving, access policy, park and road closures.
  • The Keep Australia Beautiful Council also provides information on how you can do your bit to keep our road environment litter free.
  • MyCouncil provides links to local government and regional council websites including information on events and attractions for visitors.
  • If you are planning to drive interstate, make sure to check the Northern Territory Road Report or Driving in South Australia websites. If you are boating out of Western Australia, visit the Marine  section of the of the Department of Transport website.


Modified: 29 May 2018