Litter Collection and Illegal Dumping

Every year, litter and illegal dumping costs millions of dollars in clean-up charges for councils and state government agencies in addition to causing major damage and disruption to local environments and communities.

We removed more than 900 tonnes of litter and illegally dumped waste material from roadsides and rest areas across Western Australia in 2015, an increase of 43 per cent on the previous year.  this amount does not include litter collection activities undertaken by local councils and partners such as Keep Australia Beautiful.


Illegal litter

Throwing or dropping litter, even unintentionally, is an offence to the Litter Act 1979 and Litter Regulations 1981 and can attract an infringement notice starting at $200 and up to thousands of dollars if taken to court. 

Litter should be reported to the Litter Reporter hotline on 1300 00 73 76.

For more information on Litter Laws, please visit Keep Australia Beautiful Council WA  website.


Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping is a particular type of littering where people go out of their way to dump their rubbish.  It can include unwanted rubbish dumped on:

  • urban streets and parks;
  • building sites and bins; or
  • vacant land or bush.

Illegal dumping may be prosecuted under the Environmental Protection Act 1986 , carrying a maximum penalty of $62,500 for individuals and $125,000 for corporate bodies.  Illegal dumping should be reported to the Department of Environment Regulation's pollution watch 24 hour hotline 1300 784 782 or email

More information on illegal dumping is available on Department of Environment Regulation  website.


How can you help?

Everyone in the community has a role to play in keeping Western Australia little-free.  The Keep Australia Beautiful (KAB) Litter Reporter Scheme allows registered Litter Reporters to report littering or dumping from a car, trailer or boat.  To become a Litter Reporter, simply register via the online form or download the app .

We have been working with Keep Australia Beautiful to create simplified traffic management procedures and training that make roadside litter collection easier for communities and individuals to arrange and participate in.  We are also assisting local councils and government agencies to monitor hot spot locations for illegal dumping and evaluating a range of options to keep our road and rest area network litter and debris free.

Contact Keep Australia Beautiful WA on 1300 00 73 76 or visit their website for the full range of ways you can help to reduce litter and illegal dumping no matter where you are.


Always remember

  • Litter on our roads can enter the environment where is impacts on flora and fauna.
  • Roadside litter can enter our storm water systems and cause damage to local waterways, flooding and blockage of drainage systems and areas such as swimming beaches and urban wetlands where water is discharged.
  • Visit Keep Australia Beautiful WA for some ways you can get involved in preventing litter and illegal dumping.
  • Unless otherwise identified, the registered vehicle owner is liable for any littering caused by a vehicle.
  • Any small debris which leaves a vehicle or is disposed of incorrectly is illegal under the Litter Act 1981 .
  • Littering illegal dumping of a more significant nature may be prosecuted under the Environment Protection Act 1986 .


More information

For further information on WA Litter stats, laws and how you can help reduce litter and dumping across out state, visit Keep Australia Beautiful website.

Modified: 27 Jul 2018