​If you would like to feature our up-to-date traffic data on your own website, we have provided access to an RSS feed for all users as well as HTML, JSON, AMF and KMZ feeds for technical and development based use. For inquiries about commercial use please contact us.


Available Feeds
For Web Developers

The following information is available with the XML and JSON Feeds. 

​Roadwork InformationIncident​Event​
  • ​Date started
  • Estimated completion date
  • Work type
  • Description
  • Suburb
  • Road
  • Traffic Impact


  • ​Type
  • Location
  • Traffic Impact





  • ​Description
  • Road
  • Local road
  • Start Date
  • End Date
  • Type
  • Suburb
  • Traffic Impact
Use Requirements

We ask that you credit State of Western Australia and link back to www.mainroads.wa.gov.au.

We do not endorse or provide technical support for any third party application.


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We reserve the right to block access to the feeds for any use we deem inappropriate or excessive. Please cache results on your server within a reasonable time frame (5 minutes will be reasonable for any live-use needs).


Modified: 04 Jan 2017