What is the Incident Response Service (IRS)?

The Incident Response Service (IRS) deploys specially trained, mobile road crews on Perth’s freeways and CBD roads to assist with the quick and safe removal of broken down vehicles, debris and other obstructions, helping to restore the normal traffic conditions as quickly as possible.


Where does the service operate?

The IRS operates Monday to Friday in the following locations:

  • Perth CBD: 7am to 6pm
  • Kwinana and Mitchell Freeways: between the Reid Highway interchange through to the Roe Highway interchange from 5.30am to 7.30pm
  • Northbridge tunnel: along the Graham Farmer Freeway and Northbridge Tunnel between Loftus Street and the Swan River from 5.30am to 6.30pm
  • Freeways, Highways and CBD: Saturday and Sunday - 7am to 6pm
  • Midweek highway patrols: Reid, Roe and Tonkin highways


Does this kind of service operate anywhere else in Australia?

Similar Incident Response Services currently operate in other cities across Australia including Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.


Where does my vehicle go when it is moved by these vehicles and will I be charged?

Vehicles which are still mobile (such as those that have broken down) will be relocated to a nearby location free of charge. 


Will my car be damaged by the IRS vehicles?

The “push pad” at the front of the IRS vehicles is made of soft foam that shapes itself to the design of your vehicle. 


What if I don't want my car to be pushed by the IRS vehicles?

A vehicle will not be pushed without the consent of the vehicle’s driver and if the IRS officer has any cause to suspect that the vehicle cannot be pushed safely (i.e. your vehicle is damaged), then a tow truck is called for assistance.


How will I know what to do when an IRS vehicle arrives to push my car?

Once an IRS vehicle arrives, listen carefully and follow the instructions provided by the IRS officer at the time of an incident. Once your car has been safely relocated, you will be advised on what to do by the IRS operator.


Is this a breakdown service like the RAC or towing companies?

The IRS responds to on-road incidents that affect the flow of traffic, such vehicle breakdowns, debris on the road and spills. They will move vehicles out of the way, but will not offer general breakdown assistance like roadside service or towing companies do.


What are the benefits of this service?

The dedicated incident response service works to provide solutions to:

  • Minimise congestion caused by incidents;
  • Reduce potential for follow-on incidents;
  • Maintain traffic control on Perth’s freeways and major arterial routes;
  • Improve the reliability of your travel times;
  • Assist in providing drivers with reliable traffic information;
  • Assist emergency services to perform their role effectively;
  • Provide on the spot traffic reports to Main Roads; and
  • Help provide a safer work environment for emergency services, tow operators and road side assistance providers.


How do I report an incident?

If you are involved in or witness an incident that is blocking the flow of traffic please contact 13 ROAD (13 76 23). This is our dedicated incident response hotline that is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Enquiries on all other matters should still be directed to our Customer Information Centre on 138 138.


Why do we need more CCTV cameras in the city?

The additional Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras will be installed to provide more real-time monitoring of the CBD road network. The existing CCTV cameras in the CBD do not currently capture all intersections. Capturing all significant intersections means Main Roads can better manage incidents and adjust traffic signal times where possible. Improved visibility also means the IRS vehicles can be dispatched quickly and safely to where they are needed.


Why the focus on the CBD?

Western Australia is growing rapidly, with projects such as the Elizabeth Quay and Perth City Link helping to develop our state and transform our capital city into a vibrant destination for visitors and the people of Perth. These projects will change the way traffic moves in and around the city.  We are focused on keeping traffic moving, and ensuring safe and efficient movement of traffic to and from the city.


Will the service be expanded to other major roads in Perth?

We will continue to monitor and review the service as it operates over the coming months.

We will trial the expansion to additional roads and operational hours.

As funding becomes available, the need for further expansions will be assessed and actioned as necessary. Visit our website for any future updates regarding the service. 


Modified: 08 May 2018