Standards & Guidelines


Guidelines on the provisions for all path users at roadwork sites

This set of guidelines has been prepared to provide guidance for personnel engaged in roadworks in built-up areas. It is applicable to both short-term and long-term works on all types of urban roads other than freeways. It should be used primarily as a field reference guide.



Cycling facilities in Western Australia are designed using the Austroads Guides and Cycling  and our guidelines. The previous Austroads Guide to Traffic Engineering Practice Part 14 - Bicycles has now been integrated throughout the new Austroads series of guides. It provides a guide to land use and cycling planning for road authorities. Our guidelines provide detailed information about standard procedures and are available from the list below.

Did you know?

Green painted cycle lanes at intersections are used to improve visibility and safety by decreasing the risk of conflicting movements occurring between cyclists and road users.




Standard contract drawings - Bollards and grab rails


Pavement marking 

Pedestrian ramp and grab rail

Traffic barriers and balustrading for structures


Guidelines drawings 


Presentation drawings - Principal shared paths / shared path


Roadway and pedestrian lighting


Modified: 13 Aug 2018