On 1st December 2012Main Roads WA (MRWA) consolidated the Prime Mover Trailer and Truck Trailer combination Period Permits into a single Notice which is published in the Western Australian Government Gazette.

A link is available to download the Western Australian Government Gazette Notice 2012 (issued by the State Law Publisher).

The Notice is simply a different type of administrative mechanism or instrument whereby the Commissioner of Main Roads can grant Restricted Access Vehicles (RAV) access.  The Notice will reflect what is currently authorized under the Prime Mover Trailer and Truck Trailer Combination Period Permits.

The introduction of the Notice will significantly reduce red tape and administrative interaction between Main Roads Western Australia and industry as there will no longer be any need to apply for, renew and issue permits. This initiative is consistent with the State Governments commitment to reduce bureaucracy and simplify regulation.

An Overview of the changes and a list of FAQs are available for download for further information.


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Modified: 27 May 2016