Video Supervision of Bridge Crossings

Bridge Video Supervision Conditions are applied to permits where the route to be travelled includes crossing bridges identified as requiring video supervision, due to the mass of the vehicle combination.

Bridge video supervision was introduced a number of years ago to give operators greater flexibility by relaxing the requirement for physical inspections of bridge crossings.

The requirements of Bridge Video Supervision Conditions have been updated to make them clearer and to add new measures to enhance road safety and reduce wear and damage to bridge infrastructure.

To measure compliance against the requirements, periodic audits are conducted on transport operators who have used, permits with Bridge Video Supervision Conditions.  Audits require the operator to provide specific recordings of bridge crossings as evidence of compliance with the Bridge Video Supervision Conditions.  These recordings may be requested up to 12 months from the expiry date of a permit. 

If an operator has not complied with the Bridge Video Supervision Conditions, restrictions may be placed on obtaining future permits that are subject to video supervision of bridge crossings.  These restrictions may be enforced for a period of time and/or until the operator can satisfy Main Roads that they have implemented adequate procedures to ensure future compliance.

Bridge Video Supervision Links

Bridge Video Supervision Conditions have been recently revised, providing improved guidelines for operators and drivers.  Two videos explain the recent updates:

Modified: 05 Apr 2017