Agricultural Vehicles

Agricultural Machines 

Agricultural machines may require a permit if they are over-mass or over dimension.  It is essential to check your licensing conditions, or check with the Department of Transport, to determine whether your machine requires a permit to travel on a public road. 

Agricultural Vehicle Pilot and Permit Requirements

The Agricultural Vehicle Pilot and Permit Requirements Matrix provides an overview of the pilot and permit requirements for agricultural vehicles and how the requirements have changed with the introduction of the Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence Regulations.

Agricultural Machines Exemption Notice

Main Roads WA and Department of Transport have launched a Class 1 RAV Agricultural Machine Notice, allowing applicable agricultural machines to operate on the road without the need to obtain a permit. Over the years significant numbers of agricultural machines have operated on the roads without the required MRWA permits, leaving operators exposed to potential prosecution.

Available for download are copies of the:
 RAV Mapping Tool

In the Class 1 RAV Agricultural Machine Notice an Agricultural Machine exceeding 4.3 metres in height must not be driven on a road without current written approval from all the relevant Cable Operators, unless the height is less than 4.6 metres and the vehicle is being driven on a road that is listed in RAV Network 2, which can be found on the following link:

RAV Networks and Mapping Tool 

Load Restraint Guide

A load on a vehicle must be secured in accordance with the guidelines and performance standards set out in the Load Restraint Guide, which can be found on the following link:

NTC - Load Restraint Guide

Towed Agricultural Implements

Towed agricultural implements are covered by the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014, reference Part 13Generally, towed agricultural implements do not require a permit, unless they are:

  • Within 30 kilometres of the intersection of St. Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, Perth; or
  • Classified as excessively wide or long under the regulations.

To apply for a permit, you will need to complete both a Specified Journey (Single Trip) Permit Application form and an Application to List or Update Vehicle Information form. 

For more information in relation to the movement of Towed Agricultural Implements please refer to The 'Guide to the Movement of Towed Agricultural Implements in Western Australia' .

Movement of Agricultural Machinery

Introduction of the new heavy vehicle pilot licence does not change any requirements for the safe movement of agricultural machinery. There has been some misleading information circulating recently regarding alleged impacts on the agricultural industry resulting from the introduction of the Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence.  Please refer to the "Movement of Agricultural Machinery" Factsheet which is available on the Pilots tab.

Traffic Management Requirements - Towed Agricultural Implements Crossings "Gate to Gate"

A policy is available to assist operators with the requirements that relate to traffic management for towed agricultural implements crossings "gate to gate".

Five in One (5 in 1) Agricultural Bins

An exemption notice is available which allows 5 in 1 Agricultural Bins to be carried with a width of up to 2.8 metres. 


Modified: 09 Jan 2018