Traffic Escorts

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Traffic Escort Services Overview

The Over Size – Over Mass (OSOM) Unit has been established in consultation with the transport and logistics industry, to facilitate the smooth running of operations involving OSOM loads throughout W.A. OSOM loads are large indivisible items, special purpose vehicles or agricultural machines or implements.

Road transport makes a vital contribution to Western Australia’s economy. Due to the State’s remote and rugged nature, there is often no alternative but to move very large items by road.

Vehicles carrying OSOM loads come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, typically moving much slower than ordinary traffic and taking up a greater proportion of road width than other vehicles. The movement of OSOM loads by road is strictly regulated to ensure safety for all road users. For more information regarding sharing the road with oversize loads please read our brochure.

Traffic Escort Wardens are managed by Main Roads and authorised by the Commissioner of Police to facilitate the safe movement of OSOM loads on the Western Australian road network. Traffic Escort Wardens ensure the safe travel of all OSOM movements an escort is required if a load is wider than 5.5 metres in width and/or longer than 40 metres in length, and any oversize loads moving on the freeway, Abernethy Loop or movement through the bollards.

Traffic escort vehicles are equipped with red and blue flashing lights situated on the roof of the vehicle.  These will be in use when the vehicle is escorting an OSOM load. The vehicle also has the words “Traffic Escort” displayed on both sides of the vehicle. They are operated by Traffic Escort Wardens who for the purpose of facilitating safe movement of these loads and road users have the same power as a Police Officer.

OSOM loads are usually accompanied by one or more Pilot vehicles and the largest OSOM loads are also accompanied by a Traffic Escort vehicle. Their job is to warn other road users of the presence of large, slow-moving loads. Pilot vehicles are identified by their orange flashing lights and warning signage on the roof of the vehicle, and Traffic Escort vehicles are easily identified by their distinctive flashing red white and blue roof-mounted lights and warning signage.

If you would like further advice regarding sharing the road with OSOM loads including, what to do when encountering an OSOM load on your journey, please see the “sharing the roads with oversize loads” or view our  brochure.

Provision of Traffic Escort Warden Services

In order to engage the services of a MRWA Traffic Escort Wardens, as set out in Section 18B of the Main Roads Act 1930, a Traffic Escort Services Agreement must be completed and signed by a company director or suitably authorized person, prior to traffic escort services being provided by Main Roads.  The Traffic Escort Services Agreement is a legally binding ongoing contract between Main Roads and the Client  (eg: Transport Operator / Company).

Traffic Escort Services are subject to the Traffic Escort Services Terms and Conditions which set out the terms, conditions, roles and responsibilities of each group involved in the contract (Traffic Escort Service Agreement) and should be read in conjunction with the Traffic Escort Service Policy.

Traffic Escort Fees – exc GST
FEE RATE*​Current Fees (all amounts are per warden and excl GST)
​Daily Rate (Metro Area Only)​$2,080
​Standard day/night move (State - wide)$2,600
​Convoy Rate (day-time and / or night-time convoys of three or more vehicles )​$3,900
​Short Move Rate (daytime movement only)​$1,040
​Cancellation / Amendment Fee​$550

 *Costs are calculated from the commencement of the Traffic Escort Warden pre-start checks at the nominated departure point to the journey end point.

Contact Details and Business Hours
​ ​Traffic Escort Scheduling
Traffic Escort Schedulers​ ​ ​​Phone: 138 HVO (138 486)
​Business Hours: 8am - 4.30pm Monday - Friday


Metropolitan Traffic Escort Guidelines

*Please note: a valid & relevant Main Roads RAV Permit is required to be provided to the Traffic Escort Warden prior to the movement under traffic escort commencing.


Up to 5.50 m wide

​No Traffic Escort Required​Monday to Friday - Over 2.7 m wide - 07:30am - 09:00am & 16:30pm to 18:00pm
​5.51m - 6.50 m wide​Traffic Escort Required​Monday to Friday - 07:30am to 09:00am & 16:30pm to 18:00pm
​6.51m - 8.50 m wide​Traffic Escort Required​No Movement on Fridays (movement allowed Monday to Thursday - 10:00am to 14:00pm ONLY, and weekends between sunrise & sunset).
​8.51 m wide & above (ex-metro areas only)​Traffic Escort Required​Monday to Friday (Movement allowed Saturday & Sunday between sunrise & sunset).
​Up to 40 m Length​No Traffic Escort Required​Monday to Friday - 07:30am to 09:00am & 16:30pm to 18:00pm.
​40.1 m Length and above

​Traffic Escort Required   (Movement allowed  Monday to Thursday - 10:00am to 14:00pm ONLY, Saturday & Sunday – Sunrise to Sunset)

​Friday  - All Day

( Movement allowed Monday to Thursday - 10:00am to 14:00pm ONLY, Saturday & Sunday - Sunrise to Sunset)

All OSOM Loads on Graham Farmer, Kwinana & Mitchell Freeways


Traffic Escort Required (Minimum 2 pilots required).




2 x Traffic Escort required (minimum 2 pilots required)

Sunday to Thursday 23:00pm - 05:00am
​All OSOM Loads through Bollards​Escort Required (minimum requirement - Traffic Escort for duration of bollard crossing)​Curfew is determined via the dimensions of the loads/s requiring access to the bollards.




Modified: 05 Sep 2017