Rollover Prevention

Main Roads WA in collaboration with the Ministerial Heavy Vehicle Advisory Panel coordinated research into the performance of certain restricted access vehicles (RAVs), with a focus on the cause of heavy vehicle rollovers. During this project it was clearly established that the key factor associated with heavy vehicle rollovers was the vehicle combination’s load height centre of gravity.     

Static Rollover Threshold (SRT) is the level of lateral acceleration that a vehicle can sustain without rolling over during a turn. SRT is determined by assessing the vehicle’s characteristics, such as trailer deck heights, trailer lengths, suspension types and most importantly the load height centre of gravity.

The SRT Calculator has been provided to assist the transport industry in reducing the rollover risk for their particular vehicles, by having a tool available that will provide an indication of whether the vehicle is at risk of rollover and what measures can be taken to reduce that risk.

Transport operators are encouraged to use the SRT Calculator before carrying out a transport task and should make the necessary adjustments to improve the vehicle’s stability. It is important to note that SRT is significantly dependent on driver behaviour and transport operators should ensure that their drivers are aware of rollover risks and rollover prevention methods.

Main Roads is supplying a complimentary Heavy Vehicle Rollover Prevention Program DVD, which is a 'must watch' for any transport operator and staff involved in transport operations.  To obtain your copy, call 138 HVO (138 486) or visit Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Operations at 525 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe WA 6104.

Click on the link below to download a copy of our rollover prevention guide:

Heavy Vehicle Driver Tips & Guide Issue 8 - Tips to Prevent Rollover Crashes


Modified: 11 Jul 2017