Harvest Mass Management Scheme

The Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS) provides a 10% mass allowance for the transport of grain off a paddock to a registered grain receival operator. The scheme was developed in consultation with industry and grower representatives to cater for the loading difficulty caused by the natural variation of grain density and to provide flexibility in the movement of grains from paddock to receival facilities. The mass allowance provided for under the HMMS will help grain receivers and transport operators comply with regulatory vehicle mass limits.

What's New?

For the 2017/18 harvest period, Main Roads has approved the continuation of the special access arrangements. RAV operators may use local roads for RAV access provided:

  1. The road/s are being used to transport grain from paddock to a grain receiver or return;
  2. The road/s are the most direct route from the paddock to the nearest road approved for RAV access; and
  3. The operator / driver complies with all conditions outlined in the HMMS Business Rules.

 The below guide to the new access arrangements has been developed to assist operators and drivers:

This video has been developed in collaboration with WA Farmers Federation to assist industry in understanding the requirements associated with the new Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS) access arrangements.

Operators and drivers should refer to the below HMMS Business Rules for full details.


HMMS Bridge Crossing Permit

Under the new HMMS access arrangements, bridges on roads that are not already approved for the particular RAV combination must not be driven over, unless an HMMS Bridge Crossing Permit has been obtained. To apply for an HMMS Bridge Crossing Permit, please complete the following application form and submit it to hvsrouteassessments@mainroads.wa.gov.au.

The permit cost is $25 for the harvest period.


Scheme Registration

Grain receivers wishing to offer the HMMS to transport operators must be registered and approved to join the scheme.  To register, please complete the Grain Receiver Registration Form.

Participation is voluntary; however, non-participating grain receiver operations will not be able to offer the HMMS allowances to transport operators delivering grain to their receival depots.

Transport operators wishing to participate in the scheme must register with the grain receiver, not Main Roads.


HMMS Business Rules

In order to participate in the scheme, a vehicle must operate in accordance with the Harvest Mass Management Scheme (HMMS) Business Rules.


HMMS Order

HMMS Order/s are published on the State Law Publisher (SLP) website

The HMMS Order is available via the following link:

Operators are reminded they must carry the Order/s with them in the vehicle and must operate in accordance with the HMMS Business Rules.


HMMS Harvest Period Report

The HMMS 2016/17 Harvest Period Report outlines the key results from data submitted to Heavy Vehicle Services from the registered grain receivers during 1 September 2016 – 28 February 2017 harvest.



Modified: 14 Nov 2017