HVO 55-2013


​Kimberley Region
Kununurra Diversion Dam,
Victoria Highway



On behalf of the Water Corporation, Main Roads WA advises the transport industry that the Water Corporation has increased the height restriction on the Kununurra Diversion Dam, Victoria Highway.


Vehicles in excess of 3.3 metres wide and 6 metres in height (previously 4.5 metres in height) crossing the bridge during daylight hours need to contact the project supervisor or one of the contacts below, no later than 1 hour prior to arrival at the bridge.  This will allow time to receive clearance to cross during daylight hours so that traffic is not delayed.




Project Supervisor, Steve Dessent – 0407 029 342
Mark Gough – 0429 576 438
Water Corporation Call Centre – 13 13 75




This HVO Update will self-cancel when the works are complete.

Pascal Felix
Director Heavy Vehicle Operations
10 May 2013


Modified: 26 Jul 2014