HVS Update 14A-2017


Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services advises the transport Industry that as of July 1st 2017 a new process for issuing infringements was introduced. 

Prior to July 1st all infringements were forwarded by mail.  The new process means that on the spot infringement may now be issued if an offence is detected.  If further enquiries are necessary, the infringement can be mailed as required.  This will be explained to the driver at the time of intercept.

The introduction to road side infringements will provide the transport Industry with certainty and time savings in relation to the decision made regarding any intercept but also means that any questions or concerns can be discussed with the Transport Inspector at the time the infringement is issued.

Road Transport Compliance has published a Heavy Vehicle Compliance Calendar.  Compliance and enforcement activities are key factors in ensuring effective and safe management of heavy vehicles on the road network.  The calendar outlines what will be the Transport Inspectors compliance focus for each month and aims to influence road user behaviour and to remind the transport industry of their obligations and requirements prior to traveling on the WA road network.  


If you require any clarification in relation to the new process of issuing infringements, please contact the heavy vehicle help desk on 138 486.



HVS Update 14-2017 is rescinded.

Craig Manton
A/ Executive Director Heavy Vehicle Services
6 July 2017

Modified: 06 Jul 2017