HVS 15-2017


In recent months Heavy Vehicle Services has experienced an unprecedented volume of issues with operator payments.  To enable Heavy Vehicle Services to continue to process applications for its products in a timely and efficient manner, we wish to remind the transport industry of the following:

EFT Payments

When opting to pay by EFT the operator must provide the required remittance advice within 48 hours of EFT instructions being sent by HVS.  No permit and/or traffic escort request will be confirmed or issued without this remittance advice.  Failure to do so within the required timeframe will result in cancellation of the permit and/or booking application.

Credit Card Payments

Operators must ensure sufficient funds are available on nominated credit cards at the time of submission of any applications to HVS.  If payment cannot be processed by HVS, the operator will be advised by email their payment has been declined and will be required to submit a new application when the appropriate funds are available.  Processing payment by credit card at the time of submitting an application remains the preferred option as it enables HVS to immediately issue the permit and/or confirm the traffic escort booking request.

Traffic Escort Bookings

As per the Main Roads Traffic Escort Services Terms and Conditions:

  • Full payment of any traffic escort request is required 28 days prior to departure. This means if you book less than 28 days prior to the departure date, payment must be made immediately.
  • Main Roads reserves the right to withhold the provision of services to, or book any further services for, any operator who has post-move invoices that remain unpaid more than 30 days after being issued by Main Roads.

Traffic escort requests submitted within 72 hours of the planned departure cannot be paid for by EFT.  These bookings must be paid, at the time of application, by another method.  For further information about Traffic Escort Services please refer to the Traffic Escorts page on our website.



Please contact the Heavy Vehicle Helpdesk on 138 486 or email hvs@mainroads.wa.gov.au with any enquiries.



Heavy Vehicle Services
10 July 2017


Modified: 10 Jul 2017