HVS 125-2016


Main Roads advises amendments have been made to the HMMS for 2016 to address ‘first mile’ farm access issues by allowing Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) combinations to use routes that have not been assessed by Main Roads for RAV access, subject to specific conditions. 

From 3 October, and until the scheme concludes on 28 February 2017, registered participants in HMMS may use roads that have not been assessed for RAV access, provided:

a) The road/s are being used to transport grain from a paddock to a grain receiver or return;
b) The road/s are the most direct route from the paddock to the nearest road approved for RAV access; and
c) The operator/driver complies will all conditions outlined in the HMMS Business Rules.

Conditions of operation include a 40km/h speed limit, an amber flashing light on the prime mover, and additional checks to ensure safety risks are mitigated with regard to steep gradients, rail crossings, narrower roads and intersections.

Bridges on roads that are not already approved for the particular RAV combination must not be driven over without first contacting HVS. A bridge assessment will be required prior to access being approved and a permit will be issued if suitable. For more information regarding how to apply for an HMMS Bridge Crossing Permit, please refer to the HMMS page on the Main Roads website.

Operators and drivers must familiarise themselves with the HMMS Business Rules, which provides full details of the access arrangements and conditions.

The HMMS Business Rules are available on the Main Roads website at

The HMMS Order has been gazetted and is available from the State Law Publisher’s (SLP) via the above link.

Pascal Felix
Executive Director - Heavy Vehicle Services
29 September 2016

Modified: 03 Oct 2016