Certified HVA Auditors

Certified HVA Auditors

Main Roads no longer maintains Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (HVA) Auditor lists. 

Exemplar Global is the certifying body responsible for managing and maintaining a database of certified HVA Auditors.  A search for certified auditors can be conducted on the Exemplar Global website.

Begin your search by selecting "What We Offer", then "Search for Certified Individuals or Organizations".

This will then generate a heading: 'Advanced Search'.

To narrow the search further and to find the list of certified HVA Auditors, go to the Tab titled "Search a Professional by Scopes" and select Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Auditor from the "Select Scheme" drop down. Next select "01. NHVAS Fatigue Management – Heavy Vehicle Driver Fatigue" from the "Select Scope" drop down, then scroll across to the column titled "Province/State" and type the required Australian State abbreviation. This will generate the list of certified HVA Auditors for the selected State that are available for hire.


If you experience any difficulties trying to locate auditors within your area, you will need to contact Exemplar Global on 02 4728 4600.


Modified: 06 Oct 2016