Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

In WA, operators of certain types of heavy vehicles must become accredited to gain a permit or order from Main Roads.
Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) is mandatory for individuals and organisations that require a permit or order to perform any transport task as part of a commercial business or for profit within Western Australia, including interstate operators.

WAHVA involves three mandatory modules - Fatigue Maintenance, Vehicle Maintenance and Dimension and Loading, which operators are required to incorporate into their daily work practices.  There is one optional module -The Mass Management Module - which is only required to be undertaken if an operator wishes to operate within the Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS).

Accreditation does not exempt operators from complying with other requirements of the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012.

To check if you require Accreditation, follow the steps in this flowchart: Who requires accreditation?
For information on the WAHVA modules, follow the steps in this flowchart: What is involved in accreditation?

Becoming Accredited:

If you have systems in place for Fatigue, Maintenance and Dimension and Loading and can provide sufficient operating records, you can have an Entry Audit conducted by an Exemplar Global auditor.

If you have management systems in place for Fatigue, Maintenance and Dimension and Loading and can provide sufficient operating records, you can engage the services of an Exemplar Global auditor to perform an Entry Audit.

Once you have a compliant Entry Audit you can submit it to Main Roads along with a Restricted Access Vehicle Operator and WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Registration Form and the required payment of $225 (for three years) to register as an accredited operator.

If you are new to the industry you can opt to have a Systems Audit conducted by an Exemplar Global auditor.  Prior to the audit, you must establish your management systems for Fatigue, Management, Dimension and Loading and, if required, Mass Management.

Once you have completed a compliant Systems Audit you can submit it to Main Roads with the required payment of $225 (for three years) and the Restricted Access Vehicle Operator and WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Registration Form

At this point you will receive a three month provisional accreditation and  be entitled to apply for all RAV permit and order products required to operate a Class 1, Class 2 or Class 3 vehicle in Western Australia.   Within the three month period, an Exemplar Global auditor must conduct  a full Entry Audit of  your management systems and records. The completed Entry Audit must be submitted to Main Roads within the three month provisional compliance period. Failure to submit a compliant Entry Audit will result in cancellation of your provisional WAHVA membership.

The Operator Guide which contains sample templates and forms.

The guideline's and forms web page provide further information on joining WAHVA.

Please note: HVS Update 4-2013 outlines the WAHVS requirements from 4 March 2013


Accreditation guidelines and forms 

Auditor guidelines and forms

Certified HVA Auditors

Accreditation Modules, Business Rules and FAQ's

Maintenance Management Module Standards (September 2016)

Fatigue Management Module Standards (September 2016)

Dimension and Loading  Module Standards (April 2016)

Mass Management Module Standards (April 2016) * Only Required for AMMS operators

WAHVAS Business Rules - (April 2016)

For further information about modules refer to the FAQs below:

WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation FAQ

Dimension and Loading FAQ

Mass Management FAQ

An Operator guide on how to become and stay accredited and samples forms is available for your information.

The Accreditation guidelines and forms page provides further information on joining the WAHVA Scheme.

Please note: HVO Update 4-2013 outlines the WAHVA requirements applicable from 4 March 2013. 

Commercial Vehicle Drivers Medical Forms

Austroads Assessing Fitness to Drive for Commercial Drivers
Medical Practitioner's Guidelines
Assessing Fitness to Drive - Commercial Vehicle Drivers Medical for Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation

Accreditation costs

Accreditation is valid for three years at a cost of $225.

Auditors Update

Copies of our Auditors Update publication are available for download below:



Your query may already be explained in the Accreditation FAQ  page. If not, send us your query by email to If you would like to speak with an Accreditation officer, please phone 138 HVO (138 486).


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