Accreditation Forms, Module Standards and Guidelines


Entry and re-entry audits - Forms


Fatigue related information

The following information is provided by, and is available on, the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Worksafe) website:


Business rules

Accreditation standards - mandatory modules


​Accreditation Standards - optional module and supporting documentation


Recognised loading control guides

The following guides are provided as recognised loading control methods that may be used by an operator under the Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS). Each method is outlined in detail to ensure an operator can meet the requirements of the scheme.​

If an operator is proposing to use a loading control method other than those listed below, to ensure it will meet the requirements under AMMS please contact us.


Loading plan templates

The following are provided as examples of Loading Plan Templates that may be used by operators in developing their own Loading Plans and assist with meeting the record keeping requirements.


Mass Management Systems (loading plans) examples

The following  are provided as examples of Mass Management Systems that may be used by operators as a guide in developing their own Mass Management System.   Whilst these examples provide a comprehensive examples, Operators should consider the context of their business when developing their system, which may or may not need to be as detailed. However, the system must address all standards in the Mass Management Module.  


​Retirement from WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation


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