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​HVS 17-2020​22 June 2020​Updated Oversize Permit Conditions
HVS 14-2020 ​6 May 2020​Updating Oversize Permit Conditions
HVS 12-2020​16 April 2020​Changes to Over Size access through Muchea
HVS 11-2020​6 April 2020​Closure of HVS Front Counter - Redcliffe
​HVS 9-2020​6 March 2020​Changes to High Risk OSOM Movement Policy
​HVS 8-2020 ​5 March 2020Albany Highway A-double (36.5m) Bedfordale Hill Access Trial
​HVS 7-2020​4 March 2020​Change to the Platform Trailer Relocation Period Permit
​HVS 6-2020​31 January 2020​Changes to Oversize Road Train and B-Double Period Permit Operating Conditions - Addition of the 27.5 m Oversize Road Train
​HVS 5-2020​30 January 2020​Wheatbelt Region - Wubin RTAA - access from Great Northern Highway temporarily closed - detour via Wubin Mullewa Road
​HVS 4-2020​24 January 2020​Alternative Prime Movers
HVS 2-2020 ​17 January 2020Change to Specified Journey (single trip) Permit application process - alternate vehicles
HVS 22-2019  ​13 December 2019

Block Truck requirement on Bindoon Hill & Little Bindoon Hill – Great Northern Hwy

​HVS 19 -2019 ​21 November 2019​New Standard Single Trip Permit Conditions and Audit Regimes
HVS 17-2019​12 November 2019​Change to Specified Journey (Single Trip) Permit Application Process - Contra Flow Movements
​HVS 16-2019​14 October 2019​Kununurra Ord Diversion Dam - Revised Oversize Restrictions
HVS 15-2019​27 September 2019​Change to the Platform Trailer Relocation Period Permit Operating Conditions - Use of Straight Drawbar Connections
​HVS 14-2019​17 July 2019​Change to the Class 1 RAV Oversize Period Permit Operating Conditions - Empty Travel on Kwinana Freeway
HVS 13-2019  ​17 June 2019​Delineating Side Projections on Oversize Loads
HVS 12-2019 ​21 May 2019​Harvest Mass Management Scheme Arrangements
​HVS 11-2019 ​17 May 2019​Coalfields Highway - Revised conditions for the AB-Triple (36.5m) Roelands Hill Trial
HVS 9-2019​16 April 2019​Oversize Route Surveys
HVS 8-2019 ​3 April 2019​Change to Class 1 RAV Low Loader Over-mass Period Permit – Vehicle Endorsement List No Longer Required
HVS 6-2019 ​13 March 2019

​Introduction of the steer axle mass declaration 2018

HVS 5-2019​13 February 2019​Removal of Channybearup Rd and Froome Rd, Shire of Manjimup
​HVS 3-2019​13 February 2019​Improved access arrangements for agricultural machines
HVS 2-2019​29 January 2019​Margaret River Perimeter Road
​HVS 1-2019 ​18 January 2019​Introduction of the Heavy Vehicle Agricultural Pilot Authorisation 2018
​HVS 18-2018​11 December 2018​Dangerous Overtaking
HVS 17-2018​30 November 2018​Current Status of RAV permit condition CA07
HVS 16-2018

​30 November 2018

​Great Southern Region Floater Road, RAVENSTHORPE - closure temporary Detour via link road and Old Newdegate Road

HVS 13-2018​10 October 2018​Travelling through roadworks
​HVS 12-2018​12 September 2018​Removal of No Laden Descent Condition for Bedfordale Hill on Albany Highway
​HVS 11-2018​11 September 2018​HVS Product and Service Payment Process
HVS 10A-2018​7 September 2018​Curfew on 6.5 m to 8.5 m wide oversize loads within the Perth Metropolitan Area
​HVS 8-2018 ​26 July 2018​RAV Network Upgrades - Coalfields Highway
​HVS 7-2018 ​13 July 2018​50 km/h Heavy Vehicle Speed Zone - Great Eastern Hwy Coolgardie
HVS 4-2018​20 April 2018​Wheatbelt Region - Load Restriction - bridge 4564 on Muluckine Road, Shire of Northam (Mortlock River)
HVS 3-2018​20 February 2018​Modifications to WAHVA Business Rules
​HVS 1-2018​12 January 2018​Margaret River Perimeter Road Stage 2 Rosa Brook Road
​HVS 30-2017​30 November 2017​Renewal of the Class 2 and 3 Prime Mover, Trailer Combinations and Truck, Trailer Combinations Notice
HVS 28-2017​17 November 2017​Pilbara Region - Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV)  Network Downgrade of Wallwork Road
HVS 27-2017​17 November 2017​Introduction of the Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence and Agricultural Authorisation Notice
HVS 25-20173 November 2017​​Incident Reporting Requirements
​HVS 22-2017​13 October 2017​Change to Fremantle Central Zone Boundary Relating to Oversize and Special Purpose Vehicles
​HVS 21-2017​22 September 2017​Measurement Adjustments for the Enforcement of Mass Requirements
​HVS 20-2017​11 September 2017​Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS) - Recognised Loading Control Guides and Loading Plan Templates.
HVS 18-2017​18 August 2017​Removal of no laden descent condition for Greenmount Hill on Great Eastern Highway
HVS 16-2017​7 July 2017​Completion of the WA PBS Scheme Review
​HVS 14A-2017​6 July 2017​Introduction of  Road Side Infringements 
HVS 13-2017​23 June 2017​Heavy Vehicle Services Route Assessment Process
​HVS 7-2017​9 May 2017​Guidelines for transporting multiple items on an oversize or over-mass vehicle
HVS 127-2016​13 October 2016​Amendment to Type A Low Volume Road Conditions
​HVS 122-2016​25 August 2016​Change in Assessment Process for adding a road to the RAV Network
HVS119-2016​25 July 2016 Restricted Access Vehicle Route Assessments - Change in Process
HVS 112-2016​24 June 2016Pilbara Region - Keeping safe distances between heavy vehicles
​HVS 195-2015 ​12 November 2015 ​​Heavy Vehicle Services Helpdesk - revised hours
​​HVS 183-2015 ​2 November 2015 ​​Mass Requirements for Heavy Vehicles under Section 29 Road Traffic (Vehicles) Act 2012
​​HVS 179-2015​​​​​27 October 2015 ​Containing Loads During Grain Harvest Operations​​
​​HVS 118-2015 ​31 July 2015 ​​Communication with Over Size loads under Main Roads Escort - use of UHF channel 40
​​HVS 68-2015 ​​6 May 2015 ​​Chain of Responsibility - Load Restraint
​​HVS 36-2015​ ​13 March 2015Bridge Video Supervision - Transport Operator Requirements
​​HVS 10-2015 ​​28 January 2015 ​​Implementation of Chain of Responsibility Legislation
​HVS 131-2014 ​​10 December 2014 ​​Important Notice to Drivers Travelling into South Australia.
HVS 108-2014 ​​3 October 2014 ​​Adherence to Instructions given by Main Roads Traffic Escort Wardens
HVS 99-2014 ​​22 September 2014​Tow Coupling Standards
​​HVS 43A-2014​​28 March 2014​Amendment to the Conditions on Restricted Access Vehicle Network 9 and 10 Road Tables - Marble Bar Road
​​HVS 12-2014​​29 January 2014M​etropolitan Region - Road Train Assembly Area Abernethy Road - Forrestfield
​HVS 127A - 2013​9 January 2015​Pilbara Region - Marandoo Hill, Karijini Drive.
​​HVS 104-2013​27 September 2013​​Harvest Mass Management Scheme
​HVS 100-2012​5 December 2012​Rollover Prevention - Static Rollover Threshold Calculator
​HVS 90-2012​1 November 2012 ​Pilbara Region - New Boodarie Access Road between Great Northern Highway and the existing Boodarie Road
HVS 16-2008​19 March 2008​Truck Restrictions on Leach Highway and South Street effective as of Tuesday 25 March 2008
HVS 56 - 2005​25 October 2005​Reminder of heavy vehicle speed zones for Greenmount, Lesmurdie and Beford Hills


Modified: 08 Jul 2020