HVO 53A-2012

Oversize Movements at night
within the Perth metropolitan area


Main Roads would like to advise the transport industry of a change to the conditions for Oversize movements at night within the Perth Metropolitan area.  Following consultation the maximum allowable Oversize vehicles to travel in convoy has been amended from two to three.

Oversize movements at night within the Metropolitan area will be available under the following conditions:


1. Travel is only permitted through the issuance of a Specified Journey (Single Trip) Permit.
2. Travel is only permitted between 11:00pm and 5:00am Sunday to Thursday.
3. Travel beyond the Perth metropolitan boundary is not permitted until after sunrise.
4. An Oversize vehicle must operate with the following warning devices in addition to the standard oversize warning devices:
a. If in excess of 2.5 metres in width or 25 metres in length, at least one amber flashing warning light, which must be visible at a distance of 500 metres in all directions, or must be supplemented by additional warning lights so that at least one warning light is visible in all directions;
b. Lights showing yellow to the front and red to the rear (known as “side markers”), no more than 2 metres apart along both sides of the vehicle or load;
c. If in excess of 2.5 metres in width, yellow or white lights (known as “front clearance lights”) on the front of the trailer deck, one on each side of the trailer, as near as practical to the front outer edge and clearly visible to oncoming traffic;
d. If carrying a load that is not contained within the confines of the vehicle, flood lights attached to the load or the trailer, directed upward at the extremities of the load in a manner so as not to dazzle any driver.
e. A maximum of three oversize vehicles may travel in convoy.
f. When oversize vehicles are travelling in convoy, the Pilot Vehicle and Escort Vehicle requirements and any other conditions that are applicable to the larger/ largest of the oversize vehicles apply to all vehicles in the convoy, plus one additional Pilot Vehicle is required.
g. Traffic Escort services for metropolitan night moves will be charged at the standard day/night rate.




For further information please contact the Main Roads Heavy Vehicle Services Helpdesk on 138 486.



HVS Update 53-2012 is rescinded.

Heavy Vehicle Services
29 May 2017

Modified: 24 Apr 2018