Tri Drive Truck, Trailer

Applying for a permit

Roads and Conditions 

  • Vehicle Categories (As of November 2016 - See below for summarised version & network road tables)
  • Operating Conditions October 2019 (you must carry the permit and operating conditions in the vehicle)


The table below provides links to road tables for each network.
  • Click on the map links below to access the RAV Mapping tool displaying the approved roads for the respective network.

Note: Heavy Vehicle Services – Main Roads Western Australia (HVS), as part of any HVS route assessment for a Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV), does not assess any access driveway adjoining a RAV network road.  It remains the responsibility of the property owner to ensure safe ingress and egress to the property.


Vehicle Configuration
Max Length (m) 
Max Mass (t)
Vehicles not exceeding 12.5 m
 1(A) Rigid Truck Rigid Truck 



Tri Drive Network 1

(Operates on RAV Network 2)



Vehicles not exceeding 25 m
2(A) Rigid Vehicle and two or three axle Pig Trailer Rigid Vehicle and 2 or 3 axle Pig Trailer




Tri Drive Network 2 (Road Name Order)


Tri Drive Network 2 (LGA Order)




 2(B) Rigid Vehicle and five or six axle dog trailer  Rigid Vehicle and 5 or 6 axle dog trailer



Vehicles not exceeding 27.5 m
Refer to Tri Drive - Prime mover, Trailer Combinations
Vehicles not exceeding 36.5 m          
 4(A) Rigid Vehicle towing two 5 or 6 axle dog trailers Rigid Vehicle towing two 5 or 6 axle dog trailers




Tri Drive Network 4 (Road Name Order)


Tri Drive Network 4 (LGA Order)





Modified: 23 Oct 2019