Concessional Permits

Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS)

This new scheme was developed in conjunction with the Ministerial Heavy Vehicle Advisory Panel with the purpose of providing the WA transport industry:

  • an efficient concessional loading scheme;
  • a network approach;
  • road infrastructure protection and sustainability; and
  • greater flexibility in the type of loading controls used.

AMMS will be available from 27 April 2015, in line with the new Compliance and Enforcement (CoR) legislation.

AMMS will replace  the existing Certified Mass Management Scheme (CWMMS)  and the Concessional Loading Bulk Products Scheme (CLPBS) and Transport Operators will have a 12 month period to transfer over to AMMS. Further information can be found

From April 27 2016, Transport operators who wish to commence a new concessional transport task will be required to meet the  AMMS entry requirements.

For more information on the scheme, please visit the AMMS page

Containerised Cargo (import/export)

Applying for a permit

Vehicles participating in this scheme are permitted to carry extra mass when they are carrying ISO containers. The vehicles must have a minimum drive axle rating of 18 tonnes to obtain this permit.

The concession allows for the distribution of an extra 8.5 tonne loading over the entirety of the following combinations provided that the limits of 18.0 tonnes on a tandem axle group and 27.0 tonnes on a tri axle group are not exceeded.

Concessional Livestock

Applying for a permit

Vehicles participating in this scheme are permitted to carry extra mass when they are transporting livestock and meet certain requirements with regards to trailer dimensions. The vehicle must have a minimum on the single steer axle rating of 6 tonnes and a minimum on the drive axle rating of 18.5 tonnes to obtain this permit.

Livestock carriers are granted a concession that allows operators to maintain full loads of livestock, on the condition that the trailers are no longer than 12.5 m with two decks for cattle or 4 decks for sheep.
The concession allows for an extra 3.0 tonnes on tri axles and 2.0 tonnes on tandem axles.

Concessional Loading Bulk Products Scheme

From April 27 2016, all new concessional loading operators and operations will need to apply under the new Accredited Mass Management Scheme. For information on AMMS, please visit the AMMS page.


Certified Weighbridge Mass Management Scheme

Main Roads confirms the cessation of the CWMM scheme. 

Transport Operators who wish to continue participating in a concessional scheme to move bulk products, will need to join the Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS).  For more information Frequently Asked Questions are available here.



Modified: 04 May 2018