Permits and Orders (Notices)

In Western Australia, Permits are required to operate certain types of Restricted Access Vehicles (RAVs) ,  unless authorised under a class of Order  (formally known as a Notice).

Permits are issued by the Commissioner of Main Roads and Orders can be issued by either the Commissioner of Main Roads or the Director General, Transport. Both are used to grant access to RAVs to access certain parts of the WA road network under specific operating conditions.

In 2012, we consolidated the Prime Mover Trailer and Truck Trailer Combination Period Permits into an Order (Notice) which is published on the Western Australia Government Gazette (issued by the State Law Publisher).   In 2017 HVS published the Order in two parts and they are now referred to as:

 To view the Permits and Orders (Notices) which are available, including their associated application forms and operating conditions, please select from the table below.

Orders (Notices) ​

​Class 2 & 3 Prime Mover, Trailer Combinations Order ​Class 2 & 3 Truck, Trailer Combinations Order
​Federal Interstate Registration Scheme (FIRS)Five in One (5 in 1) Agricultural Bins
Steer Axle Mass Declaration 2018​​2 Axle Bus, Coach and Fire Truck Restricted Bridges

​Permits ​

 Image: Low Loader -Website Pic - PNG.PNG


Oversize Over-mass (Including Oversize Boats)

    Image: Block Truck jpg.JPG                       


Block Truck


Special Purpose Vehicles

                           Image: Tow Truck 2.JPG

Heavy Lift Tow Truck


 Image: Tri Drive Truck Trailer jpg.PNG

Tri Drive Truck and Trailer

      Image: Tri Drive Prime Mover Semi jpg.JPG

Tri Drive Prime Mover and Trailer

Image: Short Triple Road Train jpg.JPG 


​Short Triple Road Train


 Image: Oversize Road Train & B Double PNG.PNG

​Oversize Road Train and B-Double

Image: Double Road Train Concessional (Can use for AMMS) PNG.PNG 

Accredited Mass Management Scheme (AMMS)

Image: Container Double Road Train PNG.PNG

Concessional Permits: including Containerised Cargo and Livestock

Image: Residential Products Combination jpg.JPG

Residential Construction Products

Image: Road Train with Long Trailers jpg.JPG


Road Train with Long Trailers

Image: OS Divisible Products B-Double jpg.JPG

Oversize Divisible Products - Prime Mover and Trailer

Image: OS Divisible Products Truck & Dog jpg.JPG 

Oversize Divisible Products - Truck and Trailer

Heavy Vehicle Incident Reporting 

As identified in RAV operating conditions, all on-road incidents involving a restricted access vehicle operating under Permit or Notice, must be reported to Heavy Vehicle Services (HVS) within 48 hours of the incident occurring.

Public Holiday Curfews

HVS Product and Service Payment Process

Refund and Transfer of Permit Product Policy


Modified: 17 Dec 2019