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Permit Application Forms

All of our forms are available electronically, allowing you to complete the form, save it on your computer and reuse the form again for future applications.

AMMS & Concessional Loading Application Forms

Period Permits Application Form

Use this form to apply for the following period permits:

    • Tri Drive Prime Mover, Trailer Combination
    • Tri Drive Truck, Trailer Combination
    • Oversize Divisible Products Prime Mover, Trailer Combination
    • Oversize Divisible Products Truck, Trailer Combination
    • Oversize Road Train and B-Double Combination
    • Road Train with Long Trailer
    • Short Triple Road Train

Oversize / Overmass Period Permit Application Forms

Single Trip Permit Application Forms

Special Purpose Vehicle Permit Application Forms

Heavy Vehicle Incident Reporting Form

WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Forms

Complaints & Feedback Form


Modified: 20 May 2020