Heavy Vehicle Pilots

‚ÄčHeavy Vehicle Pilots play a key role in maintaining road safety and property protection in the movement of oversize and/or over-mass (OSOM) loads throughout Western Australia (WA) . 

All heavy vehicle pilots operating in WA are required to obtain a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence. The Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence aims to introduce and maintain industry benchmark standards and support improved safety on our roads.

To obtain a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence you will need to:

  • Hold a current non-probationary Motor Drivers Licence obtainable from the Department of Transport;
  • Pass an Assessment of Fitness to Drive for Commercial Drivers examination, must remain valid for a minimum period of 12 months from the time of application or renewal of the Pilot Licence;
  • Pass a Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Pilot training course from a registered training provider; and
  • Complete an application form and pay a $205 administrative fee.

Pilot Role and Responsibilities

The Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence requirements are prescribed in the Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations 2014 and the
Heavy Vehicle Pilot Business Rules have been developed to explain the required steps to obtain and maintain a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence and also defines possible sanctions.

The Heavy Vehicle Pilot Code of Conduct defines the roles and responsibilities of Heavy Vehicle Pilots in WA. It also provides a detailed list of the operating requirements, including record of movement, clothing, signage and vehicle requirements,  which have been developed to support the safe and efficient movement of OSOM loads.  Heavy Vehicle Pilots are reminded failure to adhere to the Code of Conduct may result in a penalty or suspension/cancellation of the  pilot vehicle licence.

Heavy Vehicle Pilot Training Providers

To become an Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence holder in WA you must successfully complete a training course and be approved by the Commissioner of Police. 

 The first step is to contact one of the registered training organisations to get information on course details and availability.  Training is coordinated by the following authorised trainers:

Once you have completed your course, your training provider will supply your information to Main Roads and we will arrange for you to be approved as an authorised person by the Commissioner of Police.

If you are already an accredited or certified pilot in another state or territory you may be eligible for a shorter training course.

Provisions for Agricultural Pilots

Please visit our Agricultural page.


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Contact Details

Phone : 138 486
Fax: (08) 9475 8455
Email: pilots@mainroads.wa.gov.au 
(please submit your application form, supporting documentation and, if relevant, card replacement request form to this email address)
Address: 525 Great Eastern Highway, Redcliffe. WA 6104.


Modified: 11 Dec 2019