Moves is our online portal which allows registered users to undertake a number of administrative tasks including:

  • apply, pay for and receive a range of self-service period permits, including:
    • Class 1 RAV Oversize
    • Class 1 RAV Oversize Boat Trailer
    • Short Triple Road Trailers and Road Train with Long Trailers
    • Tri Drive Prime Mover, Trailer Combination and Tri Drive Truck, Trailer Combinations
    • Oversize Divisible Products  - Prime Mover, Trailer Combinations
    • Oversize Divisible Products - Truck, Trailer Combinations
    • Oversize Road Train and B Double
  • apply for Class 1 Single Trip Oversize, Extra Mass and Combination Permits,
  • request Traffic Escort Services (if required),
  • add vehicles online rather than filling in and submitting a written form,
  • download lists of payments, permits, and/or vehicles and print receipts,
  • monitor fleet lists; and
  • maintain contact information.


How to Register

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Modified: 08 Aug 2018