Harvest Mass Management Scheme

The HMMS has been developed to assist the grain industry with the difficulties loading grain from a paddock.

The HMMS is not a concessional loading scheme. A Transport Operator is expected to aim for statutory mass limits when loading their vehicles off a paddock. However, given there are no weighing facilities on paddocks and there are known variations in grain densities, the HMMS allows for a margin of error during the loading process. 

With the assistance of the Grain Receiver, the loads can be adjusted accordingly for the next delivery, which eliminates serious overloads and works toward achieving fully compliant loading practices for the remainder of the harvest season.

The scheme commences each year between the first day of October and finishes on the last day of February. To join HMMS, operators are reminded to register with the relevant grain receiver.

HMMS Arrangements 2019-20

As a result of the high number of HMMS related route assessments completed by Heavy Vehicle Services, the need for the ‘first and last mile’ special RAV access arrangements previously provided under the scheme are no longer required and have been removed from the scheme.

With onsite assessments now well underway for the 1053 roads endorsed for the 2018-19 harvest period via the HMMS Road Lists, Main Roads is on track to finalising the assessments and adding the roads to the relevant RAV Networks, prior to the upcoming harvest period.

HMMS will revert to being a mass management scheme only, which was its original purpose. There will be no changes to the mass provisions previously provided under HMMS.

For more information about the changes, please see the documents below:

If there are additional roads you need for the upcoming harvest period, which are not approved for RAV access and were not applied for under HMMS in 2018-19, you will need to apply to Main Roads to have them assessed via the standard RAV application process. Please DO NOT submit a HMMS Road List to Main Roads, as these will no longer be accepted.

To ensure we can assess any additional roads you may need for 2019-20 harvest season, we encourage you to lodge your application now. The route assessment process may take up to 12 weeks.

Operators wishing to participate in HMMS for the upcoming harvest period are reminded to register their vehicles with a participating Grain Receiver and familiarise themselves with the HMMS Business Rules.

HMMS Order and Business Rules

The Harvest Mass Management Scheme Order 2019  must be carried in the vehicle and produced to Main Roads or WA Police upon request. Grain Receivers and transport operators are also reminded they must comply with all the requirements of theHMMS Business Rules.

HMMS Harvest Period Report

The HMMS 2016/17 Harvest Period Report outlines the key results from data submitted to Heavy Vehicle Services from the registered grain receivers during 1 September 2016 – 28 February 2017 harvest.

Scheme Registration - Grain Receivers

Grain receivers wishing to offer the HMMS to transport operators must be registered and approved to join the scheme.  To register, please complete the Grain Receiver registration form.  Participation is voluntary; however, non-participating grain receiver operations will not be able to offer the HMMS allowances to transport operators delivering grain to their receival depots.

Transport operators wishing to participate in the scheme must register with the grain receiver, not Main Roads.

Modified: 20 Aug 2019