Getting Started


We administer Restricted Access Vehicle (RAV) road access, RAV Permits and Orders . We also undertake compliance activities and administer Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence and WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation.   

Before you can begin operating a RAV in WA, there are a number of steps you need to complete.  The following is provided to help you get started.


Licencing and Registration

You will need to make sure that your motor drivers license is the correct class (LR, MR, HR, HC or MC) and ensure your vehicles are registered. To do this, please visit The Department of Transport (DoT) who are responsible for all vehicle licencing and registration in Western Australia.



There are a number of regulations which apply to RAV's which you need to be aware of. These regulations can be accessed via the State Law Publisher and include:

  • Road Traffic (Vehicle) Regulations (2014)
  • Road Traffic (Administration) Regulations 2014
  • Road Traffic (Authorisation to Drive) Regulations 2014
  • Road Traffic (Repeals and Amendments) Regulations 2014
  • Road Traffic Code 2000
  • Road Traffic (Charges and Fees) Regulations 2006
  • Road Traffic (Towed Agricultural Implements) 1995
  • Australian Design Rules (ADRs)

Dependant on your freight task,  you may need to be aware of the following:


WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) Scheme

In WA all vehicles who wish to operate under a RAV permit and or Order are required to hold WAHVA. WAHVA is a mandatory scheme, consisting of three modules, which aims to promote improved road safety and increase productivity of Industry through the adoption of robust systems to manage fatigue, dimension & loading and vehicle maintenance. There is a fourth voluntary module which is only required if you intent operating at concessional mass limits. 

To begin the accreditation process, please visit our WAHVA page.


Getting a Permit or Order

Once you have licenced your vehicles and begun the process the become accredited,  you can start to apply  for a RAV Permit or Order.

The first step in this process is to complete and submit the Restricted Access Vehicle Operator and /or WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Registration Form  (If you have not done so as part of your WAHVA) and the Application to List or Update Vehicle Information form, these can be found on our forms page .

You must complete these forms to enable us to issue permits. The Application to List or Update Vehicle Information form must be completed for each vehicle which will be operating under a permit or order. 

We also ask that when you register your vehicles with us, that you provide us with the certain information at the time of registration which allows us to more efficiently assess and issue your permit applications. This includes:

  • your Gross Combinations Mass (GCM)
  • your Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM)
  • your Gross Trailer Mass (GTM)
  • Tyre Ratings
  • Axle Ratings

If you are unsure of where to obtain this information please view our Heavy Vehicle Driver Tips and Guides - Vehicle Ratings.  If you need further assistance, please call our Heavy Vehicle Help Desk on ph) 138 486.

To find out which permit product or order is most relevant to your freight task, please visit our Permits & Orders (Notice) page and select the relevant combination. You should also review the associated operating conditions and view the approved road access associated with the permit product or order to ensure it meets your requirements prior to applying for your permit.


The RAV Mapping tool, Heavy Vehicle Updates and Road Information

To assist you in making your freight task efficient, we have a number of planning tools available.

The RAV Mapping tool, has been created to provide an up to date state-wide map of available RAV networks. It allows you to view what roads and conditions are available to your combination type.  The RAV mapping tool is updated every Wednesday.

Heavy Vehicle Services Updates, provide information relating to changes or new permit products, public holiday curfews and changes to business hours.

The Heavy Vehicle Traffic Impact page provides information relating to road works, events and closures and should be used to assess whether there will be any impediments to your journey and if there are any special requirements to travel through road works.


Website Subscriptions and Road Traffic Broadcasts

We encourage all transport operators to subscribe to our website to ensure they remain up to date with any changes, including new or changes to permit products, road access and hours of operation. To do this please visit out subscription sign in page and create an account. Once you have created an account, you can customise what notifications you receive by selecting the relevant HVS pages.

Road Traffic Broadcasts are electronic notifications of incidents on the WA road network and can include information relating to road traffic incidents and road closures due to unplanned events eg. flooding, bushfire.  If you would like to receive these electronic notifications, please register your interest at

Modified: 08 May 2020