Assessment Tools

​Static Rollover Threshold (SRT) Calculator

The SRT Calculator enables transport operators to assess the rollover risk of their particular vehicle configuration and load. This then allows the operator to either adjust the load accordingly or ensure there are suitable controls in place to mitigate the risks.


Aggregate Trailer Mass (ATM) Calculator

Transport operators have an obligation to ensure their trailers are suitably rated for the load being carried. ATM is the rating for a trailer that relates to the maximum mass than can be carried on the trailer, including the mass imposed onto the towing vehicle. The following ATM Calculators enable transport operators to check and ensure their trailers are sufficiently rated.


Tow Coupling D-Rating Calculator  

It is essential to ensure tow couplings are suitably rated. A vehicle combination fitted with insufficiently rated tow couplings can result in catastrophic consequences. The following D-Rating Calculator enables transport operators to check and ensure their tow couplings are sufficiently rated.


Disclaimer: The results provided by the calculators are only as accurate as the data that is inputted by the user. Each field in the ATM Calculators and the D-Rating Calculator must be completed for accurate results.


Modified: 09 Apr 2020