Agricultural Vehicles

Main Roads and The Department of Transport  (DoT) manage the movement of agricultural vehicles across WA with a view to ensure safe and sustainable access to the WA road network.

There are a number of products available to support safe access for agricultural vehicles, including:

  • Agricultural Machine Order 2018
  • Tracked Agricultural Machines
  • Towed Agricultural Implements
  • Single Trip (Specified Journey) Permit ( for movements within 30 kilometres of the intersection of St. Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, Perth; or are excessively wide or long under the regulations).

Agricultural Machines

The Agricultural Machine Order 2018 allows applicable agricultural machines to operate on the road without the need to obtain a permit.  Prior to operating on the road it is essential to check your licensing conditions. Alternately you can check with The Department of Transport , to determine whether your machine requires a permit to travel on a public road. Additionally, an agricultural machine must be operated in accordance with the Restricted Access Vehicle Agricultural Machine Operating Conditions.

 The Agricultural Machine Order 2018 stipulates an Agricultural Machine exceeding 4.3 metres in height must not be driven on a road without current written approval from all the relevant Cable Operators, unless the height is less than 4.6 metres and the vehicle is being driven on a road that is listed in RAV Network 2 which can be found on our RAV Mapping Tool.

Tracked Agricultural Machines

Applicable rubber tracked agricultural machines may operate on a road provided an appropriate exemption is issued by the Department of Transport. Any rubber tracked agricultural machine that is oversize or over mass must operate in accordance with the Restricted Access Vehicle Rubber Tracked Agricultural Machine Operating Conditions. It is important to ensure you check your licensing conditions prior to operation.

Towed Agricultural Implements

The movement of Towed agricultural implements is prescribed in the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 .

For information, including the Summary Reference Chart in relation to the movement of Towed Agricultural Implements, please refer to 'A Guide to the Movement of Towed Agricultural Implements in Western Australia' .

Operators are reminded that towed agricultural implements do not require a permit, unless they are:

  • Within 30 kilometres of the intersection of St. Georges Terrace and Barrack Street, Perth; or
  • Exceed a statutory mass or dimension limit.

Agricultural Vehicle Combinations

The Agricultural Vehicle Combinations Permit provides for the movement of multiple agricultural implements (up to three) in combination, where a statutory mass or dimension limit is exceeded.  

If the Agricultural Vehicle is a tracked machine, an exemption is required from the Department of Transport (DoT), prior to applying for a Single Trip or Period Permit (DoT exemption must be submitted with permit application).

To apply for the Department of Transport exemption, contact 13 11 56.

To apply for a Single Trip or Period Permit, complete anAgricultural Vehicle Combinations Permit Application form and anApplication to List or Update Vehicle Information form if your vehicle is not already registered with us.

If you have not previously registered as an operator, you will need to also complete and submit the Restricted Access Vehicle Operator and / or WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Registration form.

Agricultural Pilots

When moving an oversize agricultural vehicle or towed agricultural implement greater than 3.5 m in width, it must be accompained by at least one pilot vehicle. The Heavy Vehicle Agricultural Pilot Authorisation 2018 allows pilots to accompany an oversize agricultural vehicle or towed agricultural implement under certain circumstances without the need to hold a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence. Further information about the pilot requirements when moving oversize agricultural vehicles is available on the Pilots page of our website.

Five in One Agricultural Bin Notice 

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Modified: 06 May 2019