Agricultural Vehicles

Public Holiday Curfews for Oversize Vehicles

The Public Holiday Curfews for Oversize Vehicles in Western Australia apply to all oversize vehicles, including agricultural vehicles. These curfews have been in place for the past 15 years.

The curfews have been imposed in the interest of public safety, due to the increased risk associated with high volumes of tourist traffic, who are travelling on unfamiliar roads and are not familiar with the movement of oversize vehicles.

We are currently working with agricultural industry representatives to review the curfews and explore solutions for safe movement during the busy harvest and seeding periods.

Do You Need a Permit? 

A Permit or Order is required from Main Roads when driving an agricultural machine or towing an agricultural implement in excess of the mass and dimension limits prescribed in Part 8 of the RTVRs on a public road. Generally speaking, whenever an agricultural machine, implement or combination exceeds any of the following limits, it must be operated in accordance with a Permit or Order.

  • 2.5m in width
  • 4.3m in height
  • 12.5m in length for a rigid vehicle
  • 19m in length for a combination
  • 42.5t gross mass
  • 6t on a single steer axle
  • 10t on a twin steer axle group (non-load sharing suspension)
  • 11t on a twin steer axle group (load sharing suspension)
  • 9t on a single axle
  • 16.5t on a tandem axle group
  • 20t on a tri or quad axle group

Available Orders  

Agricultural Machines 

The Agricultural Machine Order 2018 allows applicable agricultural machines to operate on a road outside the Perth Metropolitan Area without the need to obtain a permit.  

A wheeled agricultural machine must be operated in accordance with theRestricted Access Vehicle Agricultural Machine Operating Conditions.

Rubber tracked agricultural machines that are oversize or over mass must operate in accordance with theRestricted Access Vehicle Rubber Tracked Agricultural Machine Operating Conditions.

The Agricultural Machine Order is subject to a list of Restricted Bridges. An over-mass agricultural machine must not cross any of the bridges listed in theAgricultural Machines Restricted Bridges unless a Bridge Crossing Permit has been obtained.

NOTE: HVS is currently in the process of developing a new Order to enable a range of towed agricultural implements to be towed without the need to obtain a permit.

Five in One Bins

The Five in One Agricultural Bins Notice 2003 allows motor vehicles fitted with 'five in one agricultural bins', manufactured for the purpose of carrying different types of bulk seed and fertiliser, to operate with a width up to 2.8 metres, without the need to obtain a permit.

Available Permits  

Agricultural Vehicle

The Agricultural Vehicle Permit provides for the movement of a self-propelled agricultural vehicle that exceeds a statutory mass and/or dimension limit and is not able to operate within the scope of the Agricultural Machine Order. Depending on the mass of the vehicle and the requested route, either a Single Trip Permit, a 12 month Period Permit or a 36 month Period Permit may be issued.

Agricultural Vehicle Combinations

The Agricultural Vehicle Combinations Permit provides for the movement of a self-propelled vehicle towing up to three agricultural implements in combination, exceeding statutory mass and/or dimension limits. Depending on the mass of the vehicle and the requested route, either a Single Trip Permit, a 12 month Period Permit or a 36 month Period Permit may be issued.

Applying for a Permit

If this is your first time applying for a permit and you have not previously registered as an operator, you will need to complete and submit theRestricted Access Vehicle Operator and / or WA Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Registration form.

Permits will be issued to the self-propelled towing vehicle. As such, each self-propelled towing vehicle that requires a permit will need to be registered in our permit system. You will need to complete and submit the following form to register the vehicle.

Application to List or Update Vehicle Information form

To apply for a Single Trip Permit or a Period Permit, complete the following permit application form.

Agricultural Vehicle Combinations Permit Application form

Agricultural Pilot Requirements  

Image: Agricultural pilot flow chart.PNG 

(Click the above image to access the Agricultural Pilot Requirements Flow Chart)

When moving an oversize agricultural vehicle, including a machine, towed agricultural implement or agricultural combination, pilot vehicles may be required to facilitate the safe movement. The Heavy Vehicle Agricultural Pilot Authorisation allows pilots to accompany an oversize agricultural vehicle, up to 8.5 m in width, without the need to hold a Heavy Vehicle Pilot Licence, subject to the conditions of the Authorisation.

The Agricultural Pilot Requirements Flow Chart outlines the pilot requirements when moving an oversize agricultural vehicle. These pilot requirements will also be stipulated in the relevant Main Roads Order or Permit.

An Agricultural Pilot operating under the Heavy Vehicle Agricultural Pilot Authorisation must comply with the requirements in the Agricultural Pilot Operational Requirements.

Agricultural Pilot Zones  

The Agricultural Pilot Requirements Flow Chart specifies pilot requirements depending on the zone the oversize agricultural vehicle is travelling in. The pilot requirements vary for each zone, as the risks to road users vary due to different traffic volumes and mix of traffic.

 The Agricultural Pilot Zones are defined as follows:

  • Green Zone - All roads within the areas bounded by Regional Distributor and State roads.
  • Orange Zone - All Regional Distributor and State roads, outside the Perth Metropolitan Area.
  • Red Zone - All roads within the Perth Metropolitan Area.

 The following map provides a high level view of the Agricultural Pilot Zones. The zones are published in more detail on the RAV Mapping Tool .

The following document provides a list of all Regional Distributor road and State roads, i.e. roads that make up the Orange Zone:

Traffic Management Requirements

Agricultural vehicles may travel between paddocks from one gate to another gate, within 1km on the same local government road, provided there is traffic management in place. The following document outlines the traffic management requirements:

Traffic Management Requirements - Towed Agricultural Implements Crossings - (Ref Number 07/2071 D07#103477)

Police Permit (MR19)  

When moving ‘excessively large‘ agricultural machinery or towed implements you must obtain an MR19 permit from WA Police in addition to the Main Roads Permit or Order requirement.  Whilst the Main Roads Permit or Order accounts for the mass and or dimension modification, the MR19 permit is an instrument to ensure local police are notified of the movement of excessively large agricultural machines or towed implements that could impact on the localised road network. This enables WA Police to ensure the proposed movements are not unsafe in their opinion and to take other local factors into consideration such as potential impacts on emergency vehicle access, as the road(s) will essentially be blocked.

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Modified: 16 Sep 2019