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  • Agricultural Combination

    ​A combination that includes at least one agricultural vehicle.

  • Agricultural Implement

    A vehicle without its own motive power, built to perform agricultural tasks eg: Auger, Conveyor, Field bin, Harvester front. Irrigating equipment or machinery.

  • Agricultural Machine

    ​A vehicle with is own motive power, built to perform agricultural tasks, eg: harvester, tractor, sprayer.

  • Agricultural Vehicle

    ​refers to an agricultural implement or agricultural machine.

  • Air Brake

    ​means an air-operated or air-assisted brake.

  • Annual General Endorsement

    Often referred to as a 'General' endorsement, available to all transport operators and can be:
    (a) a list of approved roads, or
    (d) specific to a vehicle combination(s), or
    (f) a combination of the above.

  • Annual Individual Endorsement

    ​Often referred to as a 'personal' endorsement is issued to an individual or comapny and can be:
    (a) is a list of suitably rated vehicles which may be used, as subsitute vehicles, in conjuction with the nominated permit, or
    (b) a list of approved roads, or
    (c) a combination of the above.

  • Approved Vehicles - Class 1 RAV Low Loader Overmass Period Permit

    ​Often refered to as an 'Overmass Endorsement', this vehicle list defines the list of suitably rated prime movers and dollys which may be used in conjuction with the Class 1 RAV Low Loader Overmass Period Permit.

  • ATM - Aggregate Trailer Mass

    ​Means the trailers manufacturer's maximum load permitted on the trailers axles when coupled to the vehicle together with the load imposed on the coupling.

  • Australian Standard

    a standard approved for publication on behalf of Standards Australia (Standards Association International Limited) (ACN 087 326 690).

  • Axle

    ​means one or more shafts, positioned in a line across a vehicle, on which one or more wheels intended to support the vehicle turn.

  • Axle Group

    ​means a single axle group, tandem axle group, twinsteer axle group, tri-axle group or quad-axle group.

  • Axle Group Rating

    ​means the limit set by a manufacturer for the mass that can be transmitted through an axle group onto the road.

  • B-Double

    A combination consisting of a prime mover towing 2 semi-trailers:

    Image: B-Double  - HVS Website Glossary.PNG 

  • Combination

    ​A group of vehicles consisting of a motor vehicle connected to one or more vehicles.

  • Conventional Vehicle

    ​A vehicle that is readily available on the market and meets all statutory dimension requirements, i.e. licensed as an ‘A’ class vehicle.

  • Converter Dolly

    A trailer with one axle group or single axle, and a fifth wheel coupling, designed to convert a semi-trailer into a dog trailer:

    Image: Converter Dolly  - HVS Website Glossary.PNG 

  • Curfew

    ​Means a period when the movement of a RAV is not permitted, including public holiday curfews.

  • Danergous Goods

  • Dangerous Goods

    ​The movement of Dangerous Goods within WA is regulated by the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (Department of Mines and Petroleum). To view information on how to obtain a Dangerous Good Licence please visit their website.

  • Daytime

    ​means the period from sunrise to sunset.

  • Day-time hours

    ​means those hours between sunrise and sunset. Sunrise and sunset times can be obtained from the Perth Observatory website, which can be obtained by contacting the Perth Observatory on 08 9293 8255, or from the Geoscience Australia website

  • Delineator

    ​Means a retro-reflective rigid panel or sheeting that is:
    (a) at least 300 mm long and at least 300 mm wide;
    (b) yellow in colour;
    (c) compliant with Class 1 or 2 of Australian Standard AS/NZS 1906.1:2007 Retro-reflective Materials and Devices for Road Traffic Control Purposes (as amended);
    (d) if at the front of the projection, attached so that its reflective surface is facing forward of the vehicle; and
    (e) if at the rear of the projection, attached so that its reflective surface is facing rearward of the vehicle.

  • Dog trailer

    ​ Means a trailer (including a trailer consisting of a semi-trailer and converter dolly) with:
    (a) one axle group or single axle at the front that is steered by connection to the towing vehicle by a drawbar; and
    (b) one axle group or single axle at the rear;
    Image: Dog Trailer - HVS Website Glossary.PNG

  • Drawbar

    ​Means a part of a trailer (except a semi-trailer) connecting the trailer body to a coupling for towing purposes;

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Modified: 18 Jan 2019