Pedestrians and Cyclists

We aim to achieve a safe and efficient road network as part of an integrated transport system for all road users. This includes pedestrians, cyclists and people with disabilities.

We contribute to the development of the State's network of shared paths and we maintain Principal Shared Paths (PSPs), that can also link with shared paths that are the responsibility of various local governments.

Additionally, we work with other WA Government agencies to promote the environmental, health and economic benefits of walking and cycling.



Check out our detours, closures and maintenance for updates on bike paths and access.

Further information is available from the following sources:

  • To find out more about cycling in Australia and the implementation of 'The Australian National Cycling Strategy 2011 - 2016, please visit the Australian Bicycle Council website.
  • As part of the implementation of the National Cycling Strategy, the Cycling Resource Centre has been established. This provides a web-based repository for data, information and best practice relating to cycling planning, policy, programs and projects.
  • The Department of Transport provides a number of cycling resources as part of its WA Bicycle Network, including: Cycling news 
    • Perth Bicycle Network is an extensive plan that details a comprehensive network of cycling routes for the Perth metropolitan region, including local bicycle routes, principal shared paths and recreational shared paths.
    • Perth Bike Maps which display the Perth Bicycle Network (more than 700 km of cycling routes), roads with bike lanes/sealed shoulders, paths (shared by cyclists and pedestrians) and good/medium/poor cycling roads.
    • Riding your bike in traffic



Check out our detours, closures and maintenance for updates on bike paths and access.

Further information is available from the following sources:


Disability Access and Inclusion Plan


Motorised Wheelchair Guides


Report a Fault

  • Submit an online form to let us know about a fault or problem on our road network


Modified: 04 Jan 2017