• Western Australian Heavy Vehicle Accreditation (WAHVA) Scheme

    A mandatory audit scheme which operators who wish to operate RAV's within Western Australia to perform any transport task as part of a commercial business or for profit must join - including interstate operators.  The objectives of WAHVA are:
    'To improve road safety, increase productivity of the transport indsutry through adoption of good management by responsible operators, improve community confidence in the operation of heavy vehicle on state roads and satisfy the Commissioner of Main Roads (CMR) the person has systems in place required under the Road Traffic (Vehicles) Regulations 2014 to be accredited in the scheme so an application may be made to operae under a modified mass, dimension or access requirement.'
    The scheme involves three mandatory modules Fatigue, Maintenance and Dimension and Loading, which operators are required to incorporate into their daily work practices.  There is one optional module -The Mass Management Module - which is only required to be undertaken if an operator wishes to operate within the Accredited Mass Management Scheme.

Modified: 11 Feb 2019