Workzones on Roads


Advisory Group

The Traffic Management for Works on Roads Advisory Group provides a forum for discussion of Main Roads’ traffic management for works on roads with representatives from Local Government, WorkSafe and industry.


Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice


Congestion Management at Roadworks

Main Roads requires roadworks on its high volume roads to be managed with due consideration to traffic efficiency. A policy has been established for long term projects on high volume roads controlled by Main Roads.

Main Roads WA Policy for Traffic Management at Roadworks on State Roads.


Authorisation Agreement (Roadworks)

Under Section 297(1) of the Road Traffic Code 2000 (RTC) the Commissioner of Main Roads (CMR) is listed as the only person with authority to erect, establish, or display, alter or take down any road sign or traffic signal signals on the State's road network.


Under Section 297(2) of the RTC the CMR can delegate this authority to 'Authorised Bodies' such as Local Government, utility service providers and Main Roads' Integrated Services Providers, subject to the terms and conditions set out in an Instrument of Authorisation.

Condition (b) of the Instrument of Authorisation requires Authorised Bodies to develop and implement procedures that will satisfy the Commissioner of Main Roads that traffic management implemented by the Authorised Bodies will conform and comply with the requirements of the Code of Practice.

To help Authorised Bodies meet this condition Main Roads, with significant contribution from the City of Nedlands and the City of Perth, has developed the below Administrative Protocol and Procedural Manual for the authorisation of temporary traffic management for road works. In accordance with the Instrument, these documents are what the Commissioner of Main Roads requires each Authorised Body to have in place and follow to meet the requirements of the Instrument.

The current format of the protocol and procedure is a template and as such can be modified (within the intent of the documents) to suit each Authorised Bodies' capacity and requirements.


Authorised Bodies

The Commissioner of Main Roads can authorise bodies to conduct roadworks.


Modified: 03 Jul 2020