Training and Accreditation

Traffic Control Accreditation

Any person or party intending to undertake an event or conduct works that may impact on traffic (including pedestrian traffic) within any part of the road reserve shall, as a condition of approval by Main Roads , Local Government or any other authority responsible for the road, ensure that the person performing the tasks contained in Table 6 - Traffic Management for Works on Roads Code of Practice hold a relevant and current traffic management certificate of accreditation.

The training required for all levels of accreditation excluding Event Traffic Controllers, is fully aligned to Units of Competency from National Training Packages.

Main Roads certificate and proof of certification is provided in the form of a 'Photo ID' card and is issued for each category of accreditation to individuals who successfully meet the pre-requisites applicable for each level of accreditation.

All accreditations are valid for three years following which re-accreditation is required.

Accreditation certificates are only permitted to be issued by a Main Roads approved training provider.

Application forms, found here , should be used by applicants to apply for Main Roads Traffic Management Accreditation or Re-Accreditation and lodged with a MRWA approved training provider.

Approved Traffic Management Accreditation Providers

The following training providers have met the requirements detailed within the MRWA Service Agreement for Training Providers and been approved to issue Traffic Management accreditation on behalf of Main Roads:


Proof of Accreditation

The following graduate search link had been provided to enable employers, government instrumentalities and others to check and verify that a person holds a valid Main Roads  Traffic Management accreditation.

The database is updated within 5-working days of a person been issued with a Main Roads Traffic Management accreditation and is the only official register.

Those that are not listed had either not been issued with a Main Roads Traffic Management accreditation or their accreditation had expired or withdrawn.

Note: due to the impacts of COVID-19, the expiry date of traffic management accreditations that expired, or are due to expire, between 1 March 2020 and 30 June 2020, have been extended for 3 months (the dates in the database include the 3 month expiry date extension).


Training and Accreditation Database

This training and accreditation database is a web-based application primarily designed to enable graduates accreditation details to be update by external training providers.

Approved RTOs are required to upload details of those who have successfully met all accreditation pre-requisites into the Main Roads Training and accreditation database within 5-working days from the date of issue of the Main Roads Traffic Management accreditation.

The training and accreditation database cannot be accessed by unauthorised users.


Modified: 22 May 2020