Temporary Traffic Management


What you need to know

Under Section 297(1) of the Road Traffic Code 2000 (RTC2000) the Commissioner of Main Roads (CMR) is listed as the only person with authority to erect, establish, or display, alter or take down any road sign or traffic signal signals on the State's road network.

Under Section 297(2) of the RTC2000 the CMR can delegate this authority to 'Authorised Bodies' such as Local Government, utility service providers and Main Roads' Integrated Services Providers, subject to the terms and conditions set out in an Instrument of Authorisation.

Occupational Safety and Health

Under Section 19 of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (1984), the CMR has an obligation as an employer to provide a safe place to work for his employees and contractors and to ensure that persons with access to the workplace (road users as well as road workers) are not exposed to hazards.

The above legislation places considerable responsibility on the CMR to ensure that traffic management is conducted in a safe manner for road workers and road users, including those managing and participation in events on roads.
To encourage uniform, safe and appropriate traffic management, the CMR requires all traffic management (whether carried out by Main Roads or others) to be carried out in accordance with the requirements of the Traffic Management for Works on Roads and/or the Traffic Management for Events on Roads Code of Practice, as applicable.


Roadway access permission must be obtained for that agency responsible for the care, control and management of the road on which the work is to be carried out on.

  • For application kits and guidelines when undertaking works on a State road under the care and control of Main Road Western Australian, view the applications to undertake works section on the Conducting Works on Roads page.
  • For works undertaken on Local Government reserves contact the relevant Local Government.
  • For works undertaken on all other road reserves, contact the Authority responsible for that road.
Any person, company, consultant, contractor, utility service provider or a government instrumentality that is not an Authorised Body must obtain approval from Main Roads Western Australia to install a Road Sign, Traffic Sign or a Traffic-Control Signal on a road that the public is entitled to use.
Applications to undertake works on Main Roads WA roads shall be submitted to the Regional Asset Manager for approval before works can commence. For more information, see Conducting Works on Roads.

Further Information

For further information on traffic management policy at roadworks and events, training and accreditation, please contact the Road Safety Policy Coordinator by completing an online form or phoning 138 138.


Modified: 01 Apr 2020