Roadworks Traffic Managers

Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM) accreditation was created to increase the standard of traffic management on WA roads. RTM accreditation is the highest accreditation that can be achieved in WA and given to traffic management professionals with the most knowledge, skills and experience in the traffic management industry. 

All Traffic Management Plans (TMP) for works involving “complex traffic management arrangements” are required to be reviewed and endorsed by a Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM).

Main Roads also requires all major projects to have Suitability and Compliance Audits on the temporary traffic management schemes conducted by RTMs; as specified in the project specific tender requirements.


Roadworks Traffic Manager (RTM) Listing

All RTMs listed meet the accreditation requirements for registration.

Those seeking to engage a RTM should be confident that those listed have suitable experience and are capable of providing the required standard of services. MRWA takes no responsibility for the suitability of RTMs selected.

RTM Accreditation Information

For information on the Accreditation Process for RTMs see the below document:

Applicants seeking accreditation as a RTM must provide copies of current certificates of insurance, these requirements are detailed in the following document:

A checklist of the requirements for becoming accredited as a RTM is provided below. A completed copy should be included in your application:

RTMs are required to comply with the RTM Code of Conduct, this outlines the professional and ethical standards that RTMs are required to meet when carrying out their professional work:

It is a requirement for all RTMs to hold current accreditation as a Senior MRWA/IPWEA Road Safety Auditor. Individuals that work primarily with Traffic Management Schemes at Roadworks that find it difficult to undertake other types of audits may apply to become a Senior Road Safety Auditor (restricted to Traffic Management at Roadworks).

Visit the Audits page to find out what is required to become accredited as a Road Safety Auditor.


RTM Accreditation Panel

 The RTM Accreditation Panel has the responsibility to assess the applications for accreditation of RTMs, consider any formal complaints of professional misconduct against RTMs and make recommendations of any process improvements required to uphold the conduct and standards of work of RTMs.


Modified: 13 Jul 2018